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Tales of Arise Survey Says Walkthrough

  • From: Bregon in the Cysloden hideout. 
  • Available: After Culling the Snowplain Herd
  • Strategy: Talk to three marked NPCs around Cysloden, then return to Bregon. Then defeat the Gigant Polycephus in the prison. (Level 21)
  • Reward: 2700 Gald. 310 SP. You can pick up a Lucky Emblem accessory too once you get the key to the hidden room in the prison.

Survey Says Walkthrough

Speak to Brogen again after completing the previous quest. He tells to do a survey on the townspeople. The ones you must talk to are marked on the map. There’s one at the Alley, another in Central Plaza Avenue and the last is at Fountain Plaza Avenue. Use fast travel to avoid all the walking.

Return to Brogen afterward and he’ll ask you to eliminate the zeugle locked up in the Riville Prison Tower’s Underground Prison. Head over there and unlock the cell to fight the Gigant Zeugle. Check this page for details on the battle.

The key you get for defeating this Gigant unlocks a hidden chamber in the back of the Tower’s office. Looking through your collection maps for the place, you’ll notice one room that’s been tagged as unknown (???). That’s where you need to go. A treasure chest with a Lucky Bangle awaits inside.

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