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Tales of Symphonia 1 Million Casino Coins

A guide to help get 1 million casino coins and the achievement.

The Rules

Hey having trouble getting this achievement, you’re not the only one.

First things first I suggest farming about 5 mil gald. Its not to hard at end game with the talisman/rune bottle trick. Look it up if you are interested. You can also farm gold dragons but the rune bottle/talisman trick is much faster.

Now there are a few rules and tips I need to establish before I start the walkthrough.

Rule number 1
Do not go into this achievement thinking you will get it in one day, or one playthrough. You can quit gambling anytime and you can keep your chips. Always take a break if its taxing your sanity.

Rule Number 2
Know when to quit.
Not just for your sake, but for the chips sake as well. If you are losing so much that you are losing a chip profit, quit without saving. Do not keep going and lose big. Also when starting out, if you only have say, 2k chips, and you make 20k, do not keep gambling go and save it right away. Chips are way more valuable than gald, in fact chips are way more valuable than everything in the game.

Rule Number 3
Chips are extremely VALUABLE!
Like extremely, more so than any item in the game. To put it into perspective, I did not want to gamble for this achievement. So I saved 40 MILLION gald. 40mil gald only bought maybe… 200-500k, and that’s just estimating I really forgot but it could be less or more. Point is with 40mil gald I was still WAAAAY off. You know how much grinding 40 mil gald takes? Well… Yea.. Don’t even bother trying to buy all the chips the only practical way to do this is, sadly, gambling.

Rule Number 4
Don’t get excited.
If you see two 7’s line up, don’t get excited, this games not some lucky random game. Its comically rigged. I saw 77 garbage constantly. They just throw out bar bar shield or 7 7 apple gel just to mess with you. Even if you get 777, it might be 100-200 k but there is no single jackpot to get 1 mil coins, so don’t ever think you will just get lucky. That is not how this process works.

Rule Number 5
Stack luck.
I’m really not sure if this has anything to do with it honestly. I’ve heard some forums say it does, others say it doesn’t matter. Just for the safe side I suggest using as much luck gear as you can. For me, the last leg of the phase when I had over 700k saved, I actually lost 100k. So I reloaded, and put on this gear combo.

1 Million Casino Coins

If you don’t have these its fine, just try to stack as much luck as you can. Also the lucky ex skill might help. Anyway after I put this gear on I went back to gambling, tapping the button while I read a book. And the achievement and million coins popped way before I thought they would. So maybe luck does help after all.

Now that the rules are established. I will explain the process I went through using Collete, cause if you’re gonna stare at a game for countless hours it might as well be a pretty face.

The Process

Ok so if you don’t know how to get to the casino don’t feel bad I didn’t know how either and you have to be I think close to the end of the game not sure exactly when but it may be around after or before the Flainor event.

So go to Altamira, talk to the girl at the counter in the hotel, and get a room at the hotel, but also ask to be woken up at night. You can use the save point in the hotel to reload in case things don’t go so well (but only during the day so make sure to backup your save before you sleep).

Now head over to where this guy is.

1 Million Casino Coins-1

He will say the lorenzo company is closed off and never mentions the casino at all. Which really confused me. Anyway just walk past him and to the boat to get collete’s early gambling addiction started.

1 Million Casino Coins-2

And here we are, oh and this is no gold saucer, so don’t expect fun and games. Just… Slots, and a poker game or blackjack or one of those confusing card games I never understood.

So if you got about 5 mil gald, you should easily be able to afford 10/20k chips. Lets start with 10k, or you can pick more don’t really matter.

1 Million Casino Coins-3

As you can see from Collete’s face things were not going well initially.
So just keep feeding the machine, and if you lose all your chips do not buy anymore, just simply reload and try again, remember chips are more valuable than gold, er gald.

1 Million Casino Coins-4

There’s collete’s pretty smile, well my first win was only about 10-20k chips. But starting out chips are expensive and any progress is better than no progress. So if you make, initially, more than 10-20k, its a good idea to go back and save it.

1 Million Casino Coins-5

Just head up to the 4th floor of the hotel, from the elevator, and take the room on top of the stairs should look like the one in the screenshot.

So after the rest I hit the casino again.

After some boring grinding for a long while I got this finally.

1 Million Casino Coins-6

Also I did not just make this large a win in one go, this was a build up from several smaller wins. You see if you win enough you will eventually go into a mode where the music changes and gets faster paced. This increases the odds of winning. When you’re in this mode its a good idea to keep gambling as long as you can and maximize the win bonus.

I stopped around here.

1 Million Casino Coins-7

So from here, I quit, rested, and went back to gambling.
From 500k, I hit big again and got to 700k, from there I was a bit fatigued with this whole thing so I quit this minigame for about a week. When I went back, I wasn’t getting much luck on pushing to 1mil. So I quit after losing 100k and going back down to 600k. What did I do? Equipment change (the gear I showed off earlier in the rules) all of it boosted luck. When I went back I got 1mil chips without even looking at the screen so.. No screenshot for the 1mil chips but it doesn’t matter I got the achievement and it was a success. Given my experience with the game, imo anyway luck helps a lot but like I say it could of just been real luck and not actual game luck but it doesn’t hurt to try.
If you want to know where the items are that boost luck I really couldn’t tell you as I don’t even remember where I got them all cept for the rabbits foot but you can find them anywhere including offa dirk.

Also I’ve heard some people claim that regal works better than everyone else but I’m really not sure if this is true and I’ve seen no actual official confirmation on this.

Well goodluck and just so you know, this is not the games hardest achievement and it is very possible. Also you can pick up an alternate costume and a new title for raine for a fraction of 1mil chips, about 200k if I remember correctly. So be sure to grab that as well after you get 1 mil chips.

Have fun and also gambling is a terrible thing to get into don’t bother with slot machines its the worst game on earth.

Written by Unseen

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