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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – How to Unlock Costume Titles

How to Unlock Costume Titles

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Let’s cut straight to the point! In a vague move, you are able to obtain costumes the same way you get access to ‘Titles’.

In fact, some titles aren’t just for the namesake but will alter the appearance of the characters, therefore, such titles grant bonus costumes. Titles are generally unlocked upon completion of main story related missions, side quests (detailed guide coming soon), special events.

One such instance is with the sub-event titled “Tavern Servers”. For this, you’ll need to first head to Tavern Sagittarius and then interact with the receptionist at the counter to get a part-time job serving customers at this tavern.

All the characters in the team except Yuri and Repede can participate in this task.

The task is fairly simple with a basic cycle of getting orders from customer, relaying them to the counter, and then getting the desired item to deliver it back to the consumer.

After you’ve finished all three levels for each of the members of the team who have carried out the task, you’ll unlock bonus costumes for the each of them.

In the case of this sub-event, the particular costume titles you’ll be acquiring are listed below for each of the involved characters.

  • Estelle: Gracious Waitress
  • Judith: Glamorous Maid
  • Karol: Lunch Lady
  • Raven: Gentlemen
  • Rita: Kitty Cat Waitress

Equipping the Costumes

To activate these, first head to the “Item Menu” and consequently to the “Extra Items” category where you’ll be able to observe all the collected titles.

Simply select one title to go with in order to equip the respective costume. The final step requires you to head to the “Status” menu and make the change there to wear the piece of clothing that suit you best!

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