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Tangledeep Legend of Shara Achievement Guide

Legend of Shara Achievement Guide

Shara’s Story Achievements

Birds of a Feather
Help Duke Dirtbeak in Shara’s Story.

Boss Lady
Defeat the second boss in Shara’s Story.

Purpose Clarified
Defeat the third boss in Shara’s Story.

The Legend, Complete
Defeat the final boss in Shara’s Story.

Misc Achievements

Potential Unleashed
Reach experience level 20.

You will naturally get to level 20 eventually as you explore Item Dreams, Tales of the Wanderer and try to defeat the Dragons, that is, if you survive.

The Pen and the Sword
Master the Calligrapher job.

A new job introduced with this DLC, simply buy all the abilities of the class with JP and this achievement will unlock.

Wanderer/Fisher Achievements

Complete a Wanderer’s Journey.

The Wanderer will appear in your townsite after you defeat the first storyline boss.

The Ultimate Challenge
Conquer the Tower of Ordeals!

The Tower of Ordeals is one of the tales you can play with the wanderer (fishing guy).
It can only be unlocked after finishing the first tutorial tale.

The Tower is made of 50 floors and its a real challenge if you dont master your class since you start at level 1 without equipment, pets or skills. (practically from zero)

If you die in the Tower, you will be expelled and you will keep nothing, but your normal stuff will be returned to you.. still, it will be a waste of time.

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Here are some tips that might help you overcome this scenario:

Pick a job you are comfortable with, you wont be able to change jobs while in the tower, so make sure you can bring a job unique potential.

I used summoner because the summons help as decoys and meat shields plus I can still use spells.

It might be too late but at the beginning of the story, you can pick 2 feats and several advantages or penalties to make the game easier/harder.

I picked Toughness and Fast learner, these helped me in the Tower too along with the advantages (regen outside combat, etc)

Clear every floor and find the merchants, you need to equip yourself and get enough money for the best stuff.

I would suggest you dont go further until you are decently equipped, remember that monster will constantly spawn and drop loot.

Clearing an entire floor will also level you up. Never go up a floor if the floor you are in says Hard. Try to avoid moving on if it says Tricky and only move when it says Easy just to be safe. Be patient and grind a while.

Champions are super dangerous, train in fighting them in the normal floor or Item Dreams first, each champion has one or two unique attacks and you should know how to handle the situations.

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If you can, get weapons with elemental effects, some champions are vulnerable to certain attacks. Same goes with spells, if you are magic-based.

Use and buy consumables, they are there for a good reason and help lots in sticky situations.

You will get a lot of chances at campfires, cook your meals and get the good stuff (66%HP heal food item or Total Energy recovery Item)

After Floor 30, it gets rough and you will need to learn when to fight and when to run, this is where summons come in handy.

Do not take on 3~4 enemies at once, try to bait them to divide and conquer.
Dont forget your healing flask, there will be a lot of fountains here.

A Lady and a Scholar
Decipher ten Runes of Knowledge.

Use 10 runes to gain special abilities. Runes can be found inside the fisherman (wanderer) tales.

Monster dont drop them, I personally bought them off from merchants along the way, I never found 2 runes in a single rune in shops, however.

Maybe The Memory King in the Tale might drop one instead of a relic, but Im not too sure, I do know a shop will always have one for sale in a single run.

You might not be able to bring the rune out from the tale with you, but thats ok, the moment you use it, the achievement counter will go up.

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This also counts for duplicate runes, I think I used the same rune twice and it still counted.

I not 100% sure, but the counter might remain intact through several different lives, meaning, you dont need to use 10 runes with the same adventuress.

So, in your wanderer tale run, always clear the complete map to make sure you dont pass a shop, once you buy the rune, you can just rush to the finish.

I grinded Hall of Champions for some hours until I got them all, getting cool relics along the way.

Fabled Tamer
Capture an Eidolon.

The Eidolon is a creature that can be found in The Realm of the Gods area, I found mine in Floor 5 of the Realm of the Gods.

The Realm of the Gods can be unlocked by finishing the game and also finishing the wanderer’s (fishing guy) first tutorial realm.

Like the coolfrog, you need to find the Eidolon and whittle its HP enough for you to use a hammer, then avoid him dying from other enemies attacks until you can portal back to town and deliver it to the corral.

Make sure you have defeated most enemies around the Eidolon then whittle its HP with soft attacks, using cocktails or grenades or your fists if you do weak damage with them.

The Eidolon looks exactly as the achievement icon.

Written by Shindragan

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