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Team Fortress 2: Robbed Royal Achievement Guide

This tutorial/guide shows in painstaking detail how to complete the Robbed Royal Achievement in Team Fortress 2!

The Robbed Royal Achievement

While this achievement can be earned through normal game play, it’s not very easy to do so, as it requires there to be an enemy demoman who is constantly setting up sticky bomb traps in an area where you can adequately count them. With this guide, you can get the achievement in about 5 minutes.

Step 1: Find a Buddy

The bad news is, you’re going to need a buddy to help you with this, as it will not work with bots. So, bug one of your friends to help you with this, and if they are all busy, play some casual and be friendly and outgoing until you make a new one.

Step 2: Connect to an Empty Community Server

Once you have a friend available, connect to an empty community server. Anyone will do, but I recommend a Vatican City server (IP address:

Step 3: The Final Step!

Go on the opposite team as your friend and equip the Scottish Resistance. Have your friend start spamming stickies on the wall. Once he has spammed about 5 or so, shoot a sticky over on top of his group, and blow them up. Repeat this over and over until you unlock the achievement.

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And there you go! Simple little process to get the Robbed Royal achievement. If you’d like to see this in a more visual action, check out my little video guide below. Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps!

Have fun!

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