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Teamfight Tactics: Controls & Shortcuts

Teamfight Tactics is the latest new “mode” for League of Legends. Although that description honestly sells it short. Teamfight Tactics is practically an entirely new game, with totally different rules than its source material.

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Teamfight Tactics Controls & Shortcuts

Basic Controls

Left-click to do most things in the game.

  • Click and drag champions between spots on the battlefield, or between your battlefield and bench.
  • Click and drag items to give them to champions.
  • Left-click on champions to purchase them from the store.
  • Click and drag champions back to the store to sell them.
  • Click on the minimap or scoreboard to view other players’ arenas.

Right-click to move your Little Legend to the clicked location.

  • Right-click to inspect champions and learn more about them.

Advanced Controls

  • W – Press while hovering over a champion. This deploys that champion from your bench to the battlefield, or recalls it from the battlefield to your bench.
  • E – Press while hovering over a champion to sell the champion
  • 1 and 2 – Press to cycle through each player’s arena. “1” goes to the next arena, “2” goes back to the previous.
  • Space – Bring the camera back to your Little Legend, wherever it is. It will usually be in your arena.
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