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Teamfight Tactics: Origins Cheat Sheet (TFT Origins Buffs)

Teamfight Tactics is the latest new “mode” for League of Legends. Although that description honestly sells it short. Teamfight Tactics is practically an entirely new game, with totally different rules than its source material.

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Teamfight Tactics: Origins Cheat Sheet (Origins Buffs)

In Teamfight Tactics, each Champion has a particular Origin which confers special bonuses. It’s easy to overlook the importance of this mechanic. Below we’ll take you through all the Origins in Teamfight Tactics and the bonuses they confer.


On hit Demon’s have a chance to burn all of their target’s current mana, dealing true damage equal to mana burned.

  • 2 Demon – 30% change on hit to Mana Burn
  • 4 Demon – 50% change on hit to Mana Burn
  • 6 Demon – 70% change on hit to Mana Burn


  • 2 Dragon – Dragons are immune to Magic damage


  • 1 Exile – If an Exile has no adjacent allies at the start of combat, they gain a shield equal to a 100% max health.
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On hit, Glacials have a chance to stun for 2s.

  • 2 Glacial – 25% chance
  • 4 Glacial – 35% chance
  • 6 Glacial – 45% chance


Imperials deal Double Damage.

  • 2 Imperial – 1 random Imperial
  • 4 Imperial – All Imperials


Nobles grant +100 Armor and heal for 35 on hit

  • 3 Noble – 1 random ally
  • 6 Noble – All allies


Ninjas gain a percentage of Attack Damage.

  • 1 Ninja – Ninja gains +40% Attack Damage
  • 4 Ninja – All Ninjas gain +60% Attack Damage


  • 3 Pirate – Earn up to 4 additional gold after combat against another player.


  • 3 Phantom – Curse a random enemy at the start of combat, setting their HP to 100.


  • 1 Robot – Robots start combat at full mana


  • 3 Void – All basic attacks ignore 50% of the enemy’s Armor


Attacks generate stacks of Fury (up to 5). Each stack of Fury grants 8 Attack Speed.

  • 3 Wild – Wild allies only
  • 6 Wild – All allies


Attacks against ally Yordles have a chance to miss.

  • 3 Yordle – 20% chance to miss.
  • 6 Yordle – 50% chance to miss.

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