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Techtonica Core Composer Structure Guide

A guide to explain the Core Composer structure, which had confused me when I first started playing.

Core Composer Explination

So for an early game setup, I recommend building a 15×20 Power Floor area to put the core composer onto. On one end, you put 5 cranks like this:

Guide for the Core Composer

Then the Core Composer:

Guide for the Core Composer

Now, the part that confused me, why does the Core Composer have so many ports on each side? Does it take in raw materials and craft research? Maybe it’s a resource sink?

Well, the answer is much simpler… You put in the Research Cores with an inserter, and this structure will automatically place them in the world on top of itself, that’s all.

This took me a while to figure out by myself, so I hope this guide helps smoothen out other people’s gameplay! 🙂

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