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TEKKEN 7 – Hwoarang Wall Carry Examples for Beginners

This guide will teach new Hwoarang players how to do wall carrys for good wall damage.
It also includes many examples for many launchers and 2 bonus chapters with special wall set ups for Hwoarang.

Every combo and set up is also shown in the video I linked in the guide.

Before getting started #Readme

This guide will show you some examples for doing a wall carry with different combos and launchers while playing as Hwoarang.

Many experienced players know this stuff because these are basic moves if you are playing Hwoarang. So this guide is more made for beginners. But maybe everyone can learn something here.

I am not a pro at this game and I know that these are not the optimal/max. damage combos. I tried to keep the combos simple so they are also possible for beginners.

Also these are only examples. In a real match you must adjust your combos depending from the distance to the wall.

All moves and combos listed in the guide are also shown in the video I made. Please check it out if you have problems with following the steps. Also feel free to send me a message if you have questions.

I did not mention the Flamingo-Stances doing the combos because Hwoarang will go automatically into the stances by doing the moves.

Wall carry basics + wall ender

Here are some simple steps you can do to set up a good wall carry.

1. Don’t do too many hits after you launched your opponent before you’re doing a screw move. This will make the opponent fly further away with every hit you’re doing in a combo.

2. After the screw you should try to get into the RFF (Right foot foreward) stance by pressing 3+4 in normal stance to have an easy option for wall carry.

3. Pick up the opponent by doing RFF F3,3,F and do a few follow up kicks while maintaining in the flamingo stance for a wall carry. It is important to press forward after each kick so you will stay in the flamingo stance and also do a forward motion.
So your inputs after the screw are RFF F3,3,F 3,F .
You can do the 3,F multiple times. It’s depending on the distance to the wall and the amount of hits you have done before.

4. End the wall carry with UF3+4 whle doing the wall carry in the flamingo stance to get a clean wall splat.

5. When the opponent hits the wall you must get near to him and switch to the RFF stance by pressing 3+4. After that you should do this combo for a high damage wall ender:
RFF F3,F3 3,F4

This is also the wall ender combo I did after every combo listed in this guide.

List of Wall carry examples/launchers with damage

Here are some examples for many of Hwoarangs launchers.
I did them on the Geometric Plane stage from the starting position in the middle of the stage.

Everyone of these examples is shown in the video in the same order I listed them here.
I ended every combo with the wall ender as mentioned before.

Launchers + Combos + Dmg

  • DF2 F4 B4 DASH 3+4 F3,3,F 3,F UF3+4 85 Damage
  • B3 F4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3,3,F 3,F UF3+4 92 Damage
  • UB3,3 DF3,F F2 F3,3,F 3,F 3,F UF3+4 86 Damage
  • U3 F2 3,4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3 UF3+4 92 Damage
  • U3+4 F2 3,4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3 UF3+4 87 Damage
  • UF3,4 1 F4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3 UF3+4 80 Damage
  • CH F1+2 F2 3,B4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3 UF3+4 87 Damage
  • CH D4,4 F4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3,3,F 3,F UF3+4 102 Damage
  • CH F D,DF3 B3 F F B F3,3,F 3,F 3,F UF3+4 101 Damage
  • RFF F DF4 3+4 3~4 DASH F2 F3,3,F 3,F UF3,4 96 Damage
  • RFF 3~4 DASH F2 F3,3,F 3,F 3,F UF3+4 98 Damage
  • RFF F4,4 3~4 DASH 3~4 F3,3F 3,F 3,F UF3+4 98 Damage
  • RF DF4 F2 F3,B3 F,F B F3,3,F UF3+4 85 Damage
  • RF B3 F2 F3,B3 F,F B F3,3,F UF3+4 92 Damage

Guaranteed wall combo on Block ! +14 on block

I also want to mention one of the most dangerous moves for beginners when you are playing against Hwoarang with your back at the wall.

The Input for the move is: RFF FF4,3. The second hit is guaranteed after the first one hits. So it’s a true combo and also a wall splat move.

But that is not the the fact why I would call this move dangerous.
This move gives you a huge frame advantage if the enemy blocks the second hit.
The second hit is +14 on block. That means you get a free hit on the opponent when it’s 14 frames or faster.

The combo you can do after the opponent blocked the second hit is RFF 2,B4.
This will also give you a wallsplat at the wall and you can do the wall ender combo.

With the wall ender combo this move will do 74 Damage.

But be aware of abusing this move, because the second hit can be ducked by players with a bit experience against Hwoarang.

Bonus: Special wall set up for high damage

I also want to add a special wall set up with Hwoarang that can do massive damage if the enemy is doing a wake up kick.

So here are the steps for the set up:

1. Enemy must stand with the back at the wall.

2. You must hit him with this move: LFF 3~4

3. Hold UF after you hit the opponent with LFF 3~4 to jump over him

4. If the opponent is trying to do any kind of wake up attack you can get a counter hit launcher by pressing 4.
If the CH 4 connects it will still count as a combo but will raise up the scaling to 120%.
(130% with rage).

5.1 Do a normal Hwoarang Combo to get more than 100 Damage.
An example could be: LFF 3~4 UF 4, B4 FF4 3,4,B4 for 101 Damage

5.2 Or do a wall carry to the opposide wall with Hwoarangs Rage drive for 147 Damage.
This strat is also shown at the end of the video.
Inputs for this combo are: 3~4, UF(Jump) 4 F3 F2 3,4,B4 Dash UF3,4,3+4 + wall ender.

Written by rnickeymouse

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