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TEKKEN 8 Stats Explained

TEKKEN 8 Performance Stats Explained. See your stats in Play Data section or Community > My Profile.

TEKKEN 8 Stats Explained

Tekken 8 has many new player stats compared to Tekken 7. Tekken 7 has 9 player stats, and Tekken 8 has 20.

The next section will contain the Tekken 7 player stats to show a comparison between the two.

Though player stats have no effect on actual gameplay, they help to gauge a player’s style and to show off your own!

TEKKEN 7 Player Stats

As mentioned in the intro, Tekken 7 has 9 player stats.

The stats are as follows:

  • Rage: Frequency of rage hits and combos into rage arts/drives
  • Side Stepping: Frequency of you dodge attacks by side stepping
  • Throw Countering: Frequency of you escaping throws and punishing after throws
  • Punishment Proficiency: Frequency of you punishing into ‘alright’ to ‘strong’ combos
  • Combo Damage: Frequency of you landing more damaging combos
  • Defensive Ability: Your overall technique on ability of avoiding being hit when attacked
  • Aggressiveness: Frequency of you landing an attack after opponents’ attack, and your ability to give opponents difficulty getting up
  • Agility: You ability to move away from attacks or get close to your opponent
  • Tenacity: Your ability to make comebacks when in low health (especially rage)
TEKKEN 8 Stats Explained

TEKKEN 8 Player Stats

As mentioned in the intro Tekken 8 has 20 player stats.

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The player stats in Tekken 8 are broken into categories which create a web on your Player Profile. Those categories are: Attack, Technique, Defense, Spirit and Appeal.


  • Troublemaker – Frequency of throws landed
  • Heavy Hitter – Knockdown / knockback attacks
  • Aggressive – Quantity of landed hits and counter hits
  • Overwhelming – Power crushes / armor / plus frame moves / unblockables / perfect rounds


  • Close Combatant – Attacking from close range (rushdown)
  • Underdog – Frequently beating players with higher prowess / win rate.
  • Full of Fight – Attacks first and/or attacks post round often
  • Hyper Focused – Hitting opponents with heat moves, rage arts


  • Respectful – Rematching
  • Goal-Orientated – Winning rounds with low health (Great!)
  • Fair and Square – Scored by not attacking first and/or post-round
  • Myriad – Using large variety of different moves


  • Block Up – blocking proficiency
  • Dodge King – Dodging opponents attacks (side step, back-dash)
  • Escape Artist – Throw breaking
  • Composed – Staying a good distance from your opponent (keep-out, spacing)


  • Precise – Based on number of landed attacks
  • Discerning – Punishing moves that are negative on block
  • Side Swapper – Switching sides or stances
  • Stage User – Ability of using walls and floors in combos

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