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Temtem How to get full 50 SV Temtem through breeding

How to get full 50 SV Temtem through breeding.

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How Breeding Temtem Works

Breeding is the method of creating new Temtem Eggs by putting two compatible Temtem together. For that, it requires you to find a Breeding Center, a location where you can deposit two compatible Temtem for the purpose of breeding them and getting an egg. Once you get an egg, there’ll be a period of real time before it hatches. The resulting newborn should have some shared qualities from its two parents, including techniques, stats and even a raised chance of being a rare Luma Temtem.

Currently the only Breeding Center available in the game is found on the Canopath/Route 5, just after leaving Nanga and going into the volcanic Omninesia islands, close to the “Free the Temtem! Regional Center.”

Inside, you’ll find a large open green space with numerous Temtem roaming about. On the right is a shopkeeper who will sell you items for breeding, and on the left is the Temtem breeder himself, a bald man behind a counter.

Though you can put any two Temtem in the Breeding Center, you’ll have to put the right ones in to get them to breed successfully: the game refers to this two Temtem being “compatible.” To be compatible, Temtem need to fulfil certain conditions, there are:

  • The two Temtem must share a type, but only need to share one. For example, Babawa (which is Nature and Water type) is compatible with Saipat (Water and Melee), because they are both Water.
  • The two Temtem need to be different genders. As the Temtem Breeder explains it: “Otherwise they might have fun, but you won’t get an egg.”
  • Both Temtem need to be fertile. Represented by a flower on your Tempedia, every time a Temtem is involved in breeding, the flower loses a petal. Once the petals are all gone, the Temtem is infertile and can’t be used for breeding anymore. The game’s mechanics ensure that Temtem with higher stats tend to be less fertile.

Once you put two compatible Temtems in the breeding center, go away and do something else for about 25 minutes of real time while they make the egg. Interestingly, this actually drops to 15 minutes if they’re part of the same evolutionary line, meaning you can breed them more efficiently. Go back to the Temtem Breeder at some point after this and you can collect the egg. The center can only store one egg at a time, so don’t bother waiting after that time period to pick up multiple eggs at once – you’ll only get one at a time.

Once you have an egg, place it in an empty spot in your squad. You can store them in a TemDeck machine, but they won’t hatch when they’re there. It takes up to 45 minutes of real time for an egg to hatch, but this number varies significantly depending on the Temtem inside, and how difficult they would be to catch in the wild.

Hatched Temtem are a mix of random and predictable elements. By breeding powerful members of your squad, you can create more powerful team members – at least before they become infertile and you have to start using new Temtem to breed. In this guide i will show you how to get full 50 SV Temtem through breeding too.

How we will get full 50 SV Temtem

After understand how breeding works, let’s understand now how we will get a full 50 SV Temtem. If you don’t know what is SV, take a look at a guide.

In the breeding center to the right you can purchase Temtem gear that when equipped and bred has a 100% chance of passing down one or two SVs there is one item for each stat as well as a few items that hold 2 stats as opposed to one stat.

Knowing what stats combine together, you can also plan the breeding couples: The combination of stats are: HP & STA, ATK & SP ATK, SP. DEF and DEF. Unfortunately leaves Speed as an outlier as no item pairs with speed, but with a other temtem with only speed you can get it.

Now, the next thing is plan the couples. For example:

Male ATK(with ATK Gear) + Female SP.ATK (with SP.ATK gear) = Baby with ATK/SP.ATK

You can then use this baby with the ATK/SP.ATK gear to breed with say another baby who has HP/STA, the result would be HP/STA/ATK/SP.ATK all being carried down.

But careful. You only get at most 8 breeding attempts per Temtem. You can see how many breeding attempts you have left by checking your Temtems stats and looking at the tree. Each leaf and the stem indicate a breeding attempt.

Catching and farming:
Now that you understand what pairings work well together, it’s time to set out capturing Temtem with 50 SV in each of the stats with the appropriate type corresponding to whatever you want to breed. Do note that if you want a specific Temtem you will need to have a female of the species you wish to breed into. Let’s say you want to breed a Ganki, you will want to catch any Temtem with a Wind or Eletric element you see with the stat that can be paired with her, but for easy farming it is better to get the same temtem, in that case another Ganki.

Now that we have all of them it’s time to get breeding together, I will make a sort of rough estimate of what you want to do, all of this is assuming you have the gear equipped:

The babies have 6 fertility. It is important that the parents have started with 7.

With 3 stats in common, use the ATK/SPA and the DEF/SPD itens on them to get the perfect Temtem.

Basically, this is what you need to do:

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