Temtem Gear List – Locations & Effects

Temtem Gear List

Gear items that can be equipped to Temtem and have different applications related to Temtem Battles. Some gear is useful for PvE content, while other gear serves a more competitive purpose. Most gear cannot be traded and are not consumed when equipped, except DNA strands for breeding.

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Temtem Gear List

Coward’s CloakYour held Temtem gains XP and TV from combat without participating.On the top-left of the Sillaro River, near a rocky formation.
DecoyYour chances of running away from combat increases.Acquired from Missing Kids side mission.
Fire ChipIncreases damage of Fire Techniques by +10%.Found in Anak Volcano.
Four-leaf CloverIncreases the catch rates of untamed Temtem.Inside the Aguamarina Caves following the puzzle. It requires you to have Crystal Skates.
Hand FanIncreases damage of Wind Techniques by +10%.Acquired from Travel Writer after providing the details of Omninesia.
Lightning RodYou take -20% damage from Electric Techniques.Acquired during Blueprint Delivery side mission.
LureUntamed Temtem target the bearers.Acquired from Travel Writer after providing the details of Deniz.
PillowAt the start of every turn, asleep Temtem replenish 10% max HP.Acquired during Paparazzo’s side mission in Mokupuni.
ProteinsDefeating untamed Temtem grants double TVs.Found in Giant Banyan after beating Nanga Dojo.
PansunscreenPrevents burn status ailment.Nanga Dojo.
TalismanPrevents doomed status ailment.On the very top of Windward Fort.
UmbrellaYou take -20% damage from Water Techniques.Acquired from Tourist Guide in Arissola.
Ice CubeYou take -20% damage from Fire Techniques.On the left side of Mokupuni Dojo.
Energy DrinkPrevents asleep status ailment.Acquired from Find Kemal.
Rock ShieldYou take -20% damage from Crstal Techniques.Acquired from Find Kemal.
SqueezerWhen used in battles, healing items restore +70% more HP.Acquired from Find Kemal.
SweatbandRestores +15% stamina at the start a turn.Acquired from Cultist Hunt.
Tucma MaskYou take -20% damage from Toxic Techniques.When you first meet Naolin, you get it during Shipwrecked in Tucma!
SnareDisables attacker’s gear upon attacking you.Talk to the guildmaster and complete Blueprint Delivery.
ChamomileFully removes stage changes during a battle.Wreck of the Narwal.
greasePrevents trapped status ailment.Wreck of the Narwal.
Shuine’s HornChanges Toxic-type Techniques into Water-type.Breached Narwal.
Vitality DNA StrandInherit parent’s HP.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Lithe DNA StrandInherit parent’s SPD.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Aggressive DNA StrandInherit parent’s ATK.Purchased from Breeding Center.
gifted DNA StrandInherit parent’s SP. ATK.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Endurance DNA StrandInherit parent’s STA.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Hardening DNA StrandInherit parent’s DEF.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Dominant DNA StrandInherit parent’s SP. DEF.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Vigor DNA StrandInherit parent’s HP and STA.FreeTem! Organizational Weekly.
Mighty DNA StrandInherit parent’s SP. ATK and ATK.FreeTem! Organizational Weekly.
Immunity DNA StrandInherit parent’s SP. DEF and DEF.FreeTem! Organizational Weekly.
Engineered DNA StrandInherit parent’s trait slot.FreeTem! Organizational Weekly.

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