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Temtem How to avoid backtracking

How to avoid backtracking

After reaching the second town in Deniz you will quickly obtain the key item “Temmescence Vial”.

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This Vial is a really useful item that allows you to fully heal your entire party for free. The catch is that the vial is emptied everytime you use it and to fill it back up you need to heal at a temporium.

This essentially means that you get a free heal wherever you go adventuring without having to backtrack all the way to the nearest temporium.

On top of that you can buy or find Smoke Bombs which is an item that teleports you back to the last temporium you visited (even if you didn’t use its healing station, as long as you went inside it). It is best not to abuse Smoke Bombs as it can cost you a fortune if you use it every other minute but by making clever use of Smoke Bombs alongside the Vial you can reduce your necessary backtracking to almost 0.

This may sounds silly but when you start making proper use of both you will save a lot of time, energy and even money and have an overall better experience.

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