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Temtem How to Breed a Perfect Temtem

How to Breed a Perfect Temtem

To breed a “perfect” Temtem

Many players will want to have “perfect” Temtems which are Temtems with all their SVs at maximum (or at least all the relevant one), the desired trait and eventually egg techniques.

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How SVs are passed down

SVs are passed down to the child following a very simple formula. The baby has a 40% chance to get the best of both parents’ SV, 40% chance to get the average of both parents and 20% chance to get the worst of either parents’ SV.

Here is the UI for the possible baby obtained through breeding.

It is worth nothing that if both parents have the same SV to begin with then the child will always obtain the same SV as well, which is particularly useful when both parents have a perfect SV.

However this is the “default” situation without any intervention from the player.

It is possible to buy special gear items from the vendor inside the breeding center that allows the player to control which parent gives which SV to the baby and therefore remove a lot of the randomness of the process.

Currently there is 10 items available: 7 to ensure any of the 7 stat is passed down to the newborn while the 3 remaining can force two stats at once from either parents (HP/STA; ATT/DEF; SPATK/SPDEF).

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There is many strategies out there about how to reach the “perfect” Temtem in terms of SVs. However it is very hard to truly plan out in advance your strategy and it is recommend to adapt on the fly depending on what you obtain as you go along.

Even if you always control your SVs the way you want you can never predict the gender of the baby which causes a huge variation in your results.

For example you may have planned an entire geneaology tree but if you keep obtaining boys after boys you might have to rethink your enitre tree to introduce girls into it or your entire plan willy simply never work.

The best way to tackle things to get a perfect Temtem is to capture an army of Temtems with at least one perfect SV (50). Then you start making the second generation of Temtems out of your freshly caught Temtems by using the special gears.

For example if I have a perfect HP and a perfect Attack I’ll use the appropriate item to obtain a baby with perfect HP and Attack.

Then the goal is to make another baby with every Stat except one in common. So in our example we want another baby of second generation with either perfect HP or Attack and something else, such as HP and Speed.

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With our two babies of second generation we can start the third generation which will be in this case perfect HP, Speed and Attack.

From there we will need to make another 3rd generation with at least two of HP, Speed or Attack perfect and a 3rd Stat different. We could obtain HP, Attack and Special Defense for example.

And we go on and on like that until we have 2 parents with 6 perfect Stats ready to make a baby with the 7 perfect Stats.

This process can now be made much easier thanks to the gear items that guarantee two Stats at the same time (like Attack/Special Attack). If you calculate things right you can make way less generations that way and for example have 2 parents with 2 perfect SVs and obtain a baby with 4 perfect SVs all in one go.

Here is an example of a pyramid I built using a spreadsheet software to better visualize my genealogy tree.

I used abbreviations for the Stats and a color code for the males and females to make things easy to understand for me. That way I could quickly visualize what I’m missing to get to the next generation.

The point is not for you to make the exact same tree but rather to find your own way to better visualize the process and keep things organized. It may sound overwhelming when you read these lines but it’s actually very simple, you are basically building a tower or a pyramid and each generation means you added a new floor. For each floor you need about twice as many Temtems than the previous floor and you are one step closer to perfection.

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Realistically you might not always want 7 perfect SVs. Maybe you’ll have a few that are at 49 or even 48, maybe you won’t need to have both Attack and Special Attack at max or maybe you can have a bit less Stamina. It depends on how much time you want to spend to your perfect little Temtem.

I would also recommend for you to build communities where you can trade Temtems of the same species. For example you might want to trade your 6th generation girl for another 6th generation boy. This way you can make the process of creating a perfect Temtem much faster but it requires a good network and likeminded people.

Written by Sombrero

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