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Temtem Perilous Archaeology Quest Guide

Sidequests are small missions the player can complete along their journey throughout the Airborne Archipelago’s islands. These have no direct bearing on the progression of the main plot and can be completed at the players discretion.

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Doing these side quests for the sake of saving a bit of cash at the shop is worth it. Completing sidequests rewards the player with all sorts of different rewards such as healing items or new pieces of gear.

Temtem Perilous Archaeology Quest Guide

Temtem Side Quest Guide

Perilous Archaeology Quest

  • Starting Location – Sillaro River
  • Starting NPC – Distressed Archaeologist and Assistant
  • Requirements – Surfboard
  • Reward – x30 Tiny Cristal

Perilous Archaeology is a side-quest started after fighting Distressed Archaeologist and Assistant on the eastern side of Sillaro River connected to the bottom floor of the Windward Fort. The task is to defeat all Belsoto thugs in the river around Windward Fort. The side-quest can only be started after defeating Lady Lottie for the first time. Completing the quest will award 30 Tiny Crystal.

  • 1. Fight the Distressed Archaeologist and Asssistant in the eastern side of Sillaro River.
  • 2. Travel to the west, around Windward Fort, to find the Belsoto thugs.
  • 3. Defeat all Belsoto members.
  • 4. Return to the archaeologists.
  • 5. Side-quest complete!

Tip! The Coward’s Cloak can be found in an item box after defeating all Belsoto members.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Belsoto Grunt and Another Belsoto Grunt Ganki Lvl. 20 / Sparzy Lvl. 20 189 Pansuns
Belsoto Grunt and Disgruntled Grunt Piraniant Lvl. 17 / Saipat Lvl. 17 / Paharac Lvl. 15 / Tuwai Lvl. 15 329 Pansuns
Belsoto Recruiter and Deluded Archaeologist Skunch Lvl. 18 / Barnshe Lvl. 21 / Kalabyss Lvl. 16 252 Pansuns
Belsoto Pawn and Belsoto Workman Loali Lvl. 21 / Ganki Lvl. 19 232 Pansuns

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