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Terra Nil Achievement Guide 100% and +Perfect Location

This guide is just to go over every single achievements with any recommended tips/tricks for the trickier ones. A lot of these achievements are relatively easy to get and wont take much time at all. I perfected the game around 15 hours but I did have some idle hours on that so I’d estimate around 10-12 hours for full completion.

Terra Nil Achievement Guide 100%

A good chunk of these achievements you’ll naturally unlock through the play-through. So don’t stress on specifically hunting all of them. I’d recommend playing the game naturally as it isn’t a very long campaign, then going back to each region to unlock any specific one’s you may have missed.

If you would like further clarification on anything or even a photo attached to any of the achievements feel free to comment and let me know.

Valley of the Wind

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Restore the River Valley

Will unlock by completing the first ‘map’.

Abundant Life

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Discover all animal species and fully restore biomes and climate conditions in the tropical region

This is unlocked by completing the first map in the second region. Every map will have a drop down menu with conditions – clicking them will add waypoints on your environment bars on where you have to be for temperature etc.

Beneath the Snow

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Discover all animal species and fully restore biomes and climate conditions in the polar region

The polar region is the third region, after the tropical. Definitely a strategic biome..

Oryx and Crake

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Discover all animal species and fully restore biomes and climate conditions in the continental region

Once again, Another achievement just for simply discovering all conditions etc. Simple enough in some biomes

Open-cast Reclamation [HIDDEN]

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Restore the Abandoned Quarry

Once you fully restore the first map on all regions, you unlock a second map for all of them. These (in my opinion) are a lot easier and more fun then the first maps as some things change it up a little bit.

Flooded Isles [HIDDEN]

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Restore the Archipelago

Second map – Tropical region

Northern Glaciation [HIDDEN]

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Restore the Polluted Fjord

Second map – Polar Region

Urban Renewal [HIDDEN]

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Restore the Irradiated Sprawl

This one is fairly easy, But I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of questions about how to get the dandelions in both of the maps in this region. So here it is, Once you clear the radiation in all areas you’ll see these boxes as a circled below. This is where you’ll be able to spawn the dandelions.

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Global Rejuvenation

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Completely restore the planet

Congratulations, You’ve beaten all the maps and regions. EzPz.

Aerial View

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Use screenshot mode to take a full map screenshot

Press ESC on your keyboard to see Screenshot Mode. Once the screenshot is taken it will unlock – The screenshot should automatically be on your steam and ready for upload if you choose.


100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Appreciate the beauty of nature for at least 60 seconds

When you fully restore a map – It will ask you if you’d like to continue or “Appreciate”. It’ll queue you to a video of your restored world for you to enjoy.


100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Burn down 25 buildings with a single fire

This one was easier and can naturally be achieved, If you’re new to the game and don’t fully understand the mechanics like myself. Chances are you accidentally set an entire field on fire and ruined all your hard work. Just setup a bunch of buildings on a level piece of land and use the Solar Beam to set Dried out grass on fire.

Minecraft Rocks!

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Create rock by causing lava and river to meet

In the Polar Region, Just use the Seismic blast around pockets of lava and create a path towards the water.

Marine Haven

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Restore the tropical region with at least 40% of the map being underwater

This achievement will be easier in the Archipelago. Just use the Dredge to dig up dirt from the seabed. You’ll have to be strategic with this as you can’t go over 60% land, and you’ll need plenty of land for the Forest. Try adding land around the raised dirt as that’s where you can add the Posts for the forest to spawn. I’d also recommend on getting your temperature raised early on as it’s a requirement to use some tools which are also needed to move to phase 3 and it will be a never ending battle if you’re having to burn your limited amount of forestry just to raise the temperature.

Antarctic Oasis

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Restore the Volcanic Glacier while still having at least 15 lava tiles

This one may be difficult the first time around this region – The key is keeping the temperature high to avoid snowfall and the lava freezing into rock. I’d recommend aiming to achieve 100% control of the region first, Then come back to the map to try and get this on a second try – as snowfall is a requirement to be unlocked for the Beneath the Snow achievement.


100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Have 3 bears living on 3 different hills at least 10 tiles apart in the River Valley

This achievement was extremely easy – Just focus on having the requirements for a bear on three separate hills in the River Valley. The requirements for a bear to spawn are,

  1. 20 Forest
  2. 1 Beehive
  3. Raised Elevation

Perfect Location

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

Construct an Animal Observatory at the intersection of 4 different tier 2 biomes

I’d recommend doing this one in the polar region as you have more land to play with, Some have completed it in the Tropical region but to each their own. Save the bottom area of the map for Terraforming in the final phase.

Complete the play-through as normal so you can get all the way to phase 3.

Using the Excavator in phase 3 will allow you to dig up dirt and move it into the ocean using Monorails – Use this to your advantage. before placing the dirt make sure you hover around to find the perfect location as the dirt will raise with elevation depending on where you drop it. The issue with trying to do it on the original map is Kelp wont spawn properly where the dirt is slightly raised underwater as shown in the photo.

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

By using the excavator and delivering the good’s via monorail it will actually allow you to entirely avoid that. Now be strategic with how you setup your biomes from here on and keep in mind Tundra can only be spawned on high ground.

I’d recommend burning a large area to spawn the boreal forest but before you do that, Re-water some of the burnt dirt to prevent the Boreal from spawning all around the rock. From that point on you will have an area to spawn the Tundra. The Lichen rocks will be really easy to get there as you can use the Cannon unlocked in phase 3 to shoot them 6 blocks at a time. The photo shown is exactly how I achieved mine after custom terraforming.

100% Achievements | Tips & Tricks

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