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Terraformers Content Unlocks by Levels

A list of what contents are unlocked at what level.

Level 0 – 4 (basics)

Level 1

Léna Kertész
Alex Madiba
Aishe Jäger

Level 2

Rover Exploration Center
Regolith Burner
Automated Robotic Workforce

Level 3

Touring Company
Seed vault

Level 4

Bus Station
Train station

At this stage the game is pretty limited. You don’t have much choices to meet lifeforms’ minimum climate requirement and oceans are unusable, making raising oceans a bad idea which further limits your terraforming/life spreading options.
Green and blue paths are doable but may take longer than necessary. Not a bad idea if you are a beginner but it did make me wonder how anyone could even do Mastery Level 45 in 65 turns or less.

Level 5 – 8 (climate manipulations)

Level 5

Restaurant District
Food Monitoring Office
Dark Bacteria

Level 6

Orbital Ring
Giant Space Mirrors

Level 7

Misha Kiyama
Svetlana Rossi
Jagrav Varman

Level 8

Natural reservation
Cloud seeding
Expansion hub

Up until this point to match a lifeform’s climate requirement your choices are limited to Isabella Torres (default, reduce lifeform rain requirement) and Aishe Jäger (level 1, reduce lifeform heat requirement) but otherwise to alter the zone’s climate you have to raise the global parameter. These levels unlocks other ways to alter a single zone’s climate:

  • Dark Bacteria and Giant Space Mirrors for heat
  • Cloud seeding for 2 levels of rain

Oceans are still your nemesis though.

Level 9 – 14 (oceans)

Level 9

Water barrage
Beach resort

Level 10

Kelp Forest
Atlantic Herring

Level 11

Seaweed Farm
Underwater Hotel

Level 12


Level 13

Desalination Facility
Ocean Laboratory
Scuba Diving School

Level 14

Coral Reefs

Finally oceans are usable. You can now expand into the oceans and you also get some ocean animals and plants.

These level introduce buildings that can only be placed on oceans or coasts (tiles connected to oceans).

These are nice but it also changes the game a lot and can be overwhelming. I wish the game had a way to play on a lower unlock level, or at least an option to play without oceans. I think there’s some fun in playing without ocean-related options. While we can simply choose not to play them, those are still offered to you.

Level 15 – 32 (advanced stuffs)

Level 15

Outdoor Potato Farm
Outdoor Wheat Farm
Rice Fields

Level 16

Beatrix Barbier
Jan van Dijk
Ayokunle Ndiaye

Level 17

Orbital Farming
Rural Community Retreat
Public Space Transport

Level 18

Outdoor Duck Farm
Outdoor Sheep Farm
Outdoor Cattle Ranch

Level 19

Natural Reserve Initiative
New Scientific Fields
Smart Electrical Grid

Level 20

Fish Farm
Mountain Huts

Level 21

Citizen Science Center
AI-Guided Road Network
Radioactive Refinery

Level 22

Oceanic Electrolysis Facility
Cloud Formation Facility
Giant Heater

Level 23

Antti Vanhanen
Mustafa Orbay
Craig Blake

Level 24

Martian Festival Grounds
Aerogel Manufacturer
Local Culture Center

Level 25

Bee Colony
Lifeform Delivery
Nature Park

Level 26

Seafood Restaurant

Level 27

Thermal Updraft Tower
Giant Dew Collector

Level 28

Urban Planning Office
Beach Club
Household Robot Dispatch Center

Level 29

Advanced City Planning
Artificial Personality
Noiseless Ship Engines

Level 30

Mohole Project
Areology Center
Controlled Nuclear Meltdown

Level 31

Jeong Hak-Kun
Yolanda Madiba
Tsvetan Ivanov

Level 32

Gene Vault
Man-Machine Cooperative Academy
Martian Sailing School

I seemed to have gone up these levels very quickly and never managed to use most of the projects much to appreciate them properly, they don’t seem really necessary.

Some of the items make terraforming useful for more than just spreading life, such as outdoor farms (which I never used) and also further options to manipulate climate.

There are also options to increase support. The thing is that support is pretty useless for the lower difficulties making me wish, again, that we had an option to play at a lower unlock level.

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