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Terraria: How to Create the Terra Blade

Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. Four Pack also available!

How to Create the Terra Blade

This is a guide on how to craft the Terra Blade!


So, you want the most powerful pre Moonlord sword, eh? Alot of work is required. The first 2 swords are relatively easy.

The Pre-Hardmode Work

Firstly, in order to get the Terra Blade, you will need many swords, such as the Night’s Bane/The Butcherer depending on what biome you have in your world. To get the first sword, you have to defeat the Eye of Cthulu, The Eye of Cthulu can be summoned using a suspicious looking eye, or after collecting good armour, and heart crystals, Whether you get Crimtane Bars, or Demonite Bars, Smelt them and craft them at an anvil to either the Lights Bane, or The Butcherer, the next step is collecting 15 stingers (found from Moss Hornets in the Jungle), and 12 Jungle Spores(found lying about in the jungle aswell. The third of four swords is the Muramasa, After defeating Skeletron, go in the dungeon to recover it form a golden dungeon chest! The final sword is the Fiery Great sword, crafted form 20 Hellstone Bars(hellstone is made from 3 hellstone ore and 1 obsidian), combining these 4 swords at a crimson/demon altar will give you the Night’s Edge! That is all for Pre hard mode!!!

Hardmode, Oh Joy!

Where to start here? Oh, right! Now that you have the Night’s Edge, you can obviously slay enemies easier, kill the Wall of Flesh to progress to hardmode, and obtain the PWNhammer, Killing the mechanical bosses will grant you Hallowed Bars, Craft those into Excalibur, once you have done that keep playing until a Solar Eclipse happens, you will most likely get an item called the “Broken Hero Sword”, crafting that with the Night’s Edge will give you the True Night’s Edge, Crafting it with Excalibur will give you the True Excalibur. Combining them will grant you the famed Terra Blade!

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