Terraria - How to get Infinite Chests (No Cheats)

Terraria – How to get Infinite Chests (No Cheats)

This is a quick and simple tip on what to do when you find one of the rare occurances in terraria and how to exploit it to it’s fullest potential.

Step One

This is the hardest step, and is most likely up to chance, but read on so you know what to do when this happens. All you need to do is find a chest that looks like the one in the image do not take the items out. It is crucial for the items it contains to stay inside. (I think its a generation bug)

Step Two

Fill your inventory with chests!

Every time you attempt to break this bugged chest, it will drop about 4 copies of itself (for some reason) go ahead and mine it till your pockets are stuffed. (I made the mistake of removing the items prematurely, and only got about 4 stacks of chests, however, you could get infinite if you keep the items inside)

Step Three


Go to your local shopkeeper and sell those stacks of chests. (They go for just under 9 gold per stack) for a full inventory of chests, that is at least a platinum.

Step Four

Repeat as many times as you feel like. (Unlike myself who screwed up and removed the items) For infinite money.

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Written by Da Dmitri

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