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Terraria – How to get the Bone Key as a Mage

How to get the bone key but you already put all your effort to a magic build.

What Does the Bone Do?

The bone key is one of the hardest to obtain items in the game. To obtain it, you must defeat the dungeon guardian, which is much faster than the player, has 9,999 health, so much defense that most attacks only do one damage, and an attack that is an almost garunteed instant-kill. Why, then, would you want the bone? Surely it has an incredibly powerful or useful drop. It does not. The bone key simply summons a cute skull that slowly follows you around. However, it is invaluable for bragging rights.

What You’ll Need

  • Crystal Storm
  • Full nebula armor
  • Cosmic Car Key
  • Rod of Discord
  • Any Pickaxe
  • Depth Meter*
  • Nature’s Gift*
  • Any Boomerang*
  • A flying summon*

*These items are not required, but will make the fight easier/faster.

How To Get the Bone Key

It is reccomended that you use a bed to set your spawn point near the dungeon in case you mess up.

1. Enter a dungeon in a world where skeleton has not yet been defeated.

2. Make your way down until you are at the 1′ above ground level (this is where the depth meter comes in handy)

3. Dig a hole going straight up, so that you can use the UFO mount to fly through it and escape the guardians.

4. Stand below the “Level” line and wait until the dungeon guardian spawns. You will be notified by a loud noise when he appears.

5. If more than one guardian appears, it is reccomended to warp away from the dungeon. They are much easier to deal with one at a time, and warping will cause them to despawn.

6. Once you have only one guardian following you, use the hole you dug to escape. If nesseccary, use the rod of discord to teleport out of the way of its attack. Don’t be afraid to use it more than once in succession: since the guardian’s attack can instantly kill you, it doesn’t matter how much health you have.

7. Continue flying until you have reached the sky layer, above the floating islands if possible. Fly in the direction opposite the dungeon while shooting crystal storm at the guardian. It should move the exact same speed as you. If you run out of mana, I reccomend using a boomerang. I used the posessed hatchet, but any one with decent range is fine.

8. When you reach the end of the world, wait for it to nearly catch up to you, and then use the rod of discord to warp to the other side of the guardian, and change directions. Continue shooting it with crystal storm.

9. The mana boosters that the guardian dropped should be enough so that you can continuously fire for the remainder of the fight. Each time you reach the edge, use the discord rod to teleport across the screen.

It took me less than ten minutes to kill the Dungeon Guardian this way! Depending on your gear, it could take a bit shorter or longer. Enjoy your Bone Key!

Written by alex

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