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Terraria: How to get the Moonlord´s Legs and a Crimson and Corruption World

This guide will show you how to get the Moonlord´s Legs and a Crimson and Corruption world.

Generating a Crimson and Corruption world

You will need to generate a world that has both Crimson and Corruption
Only one seed that has this exists

You will have to create a new world and put in the seed “05162020” (aka american version of 16th of May 2020)

Next, it will show some creepy text and will quickly flash mushroom biome backgrounds and etc.

The world will generate as normal and you will see it having both Crimson and Corruption.

I think the world has to be a large world, but you can basically use any difficulty. (I have it on master mode)

Getting Moonlord’s Legs

Now that your world is generated.

You need to go to the right and there you will find a tree dungeon. In one of the chests in there are the Moonlord´s Legs – It is a bottom armour piece.

Extra Loot

If you go to the right from spawn and build up, you will find a sky island. In the chest in the house you will find “Red potion”.

This potion gives you every negative effect in the game for 60 minutes.

Good for trolling friends.

Old Music

The world also plays the old Terraria music that can be more commonly heard on last-gen consoles like for example the Xbox 360

Red Potion

Red Potion is an item that you can find on this world.

It grants you every debuff in the game for 60 minutes unless you meet these requirements:

  1. You are playing on a Hardcore character (in this case it will give you 3 buffs, I think)
  2. If you are playing on a seed that is called “for the worthy” (not this world)

If you meet these requirements, the potion will last for 30 minutes and will give you 3 buffs. (I have not been able to find which ones – and can not find out)

There may be more cool things undiscovered in this world

This world is apparently called “Red’s World”. Red is a Re-Logic employee from what I heard.

It is possible there are more things hidden in that world, so I strongly encourage exploration of this world.

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