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Terraria Most Effective NPC Happiness Setup

This is the perfect setup for building NPC houses on your world.

Most Effective NPC Happiness Setup

Setting priority

Our priority is to:

  • Make them efficient in mid to late game, with the exception of few NPC’s that are the most useful in early game.
  • Make theme based world, means for example NPC’s belonging to jungle will actually live there.
  • Gather all pylons to teleport around the world
  • Use the distance between them so we can use it to our advantage

And now to functionality:

The best NPC is Goblin Tinkerer:

  • It’s all due to reforging mechanic

On second place is Demolotionist:

  • Grenades are the best weapon to use for almost entire pre-harmode. Bombs are useful even on Hardmode to mine stuff (especially since they added new scarab bombs)

On third place is Merchant, Arms Dealer and Nurse

  • I know that some of you will play mage or warrior or summoner that’s why it won’t be needed for you to have happy arms dealer, yet for ranged gameplay you have to buy musket bullets literally for any ammo craft type no matter on what stage of the game. Also nurse wants his d
  • Nurse is just a must to have in main base for fast mirror and heal since pylons do not work while boss is alive (then just wormhole to your friend)
  • Merchant is just useful at early for mining helm or just for glowsticks/torches/potions. To be honest, I never use merchant frequently, but before gel farm finding torches sometimes can be pain in the ♥♥♥, especially on master mode. Farming slimes or bosses there manually isn’t so fast.

On fourth place is Mechanic, Pirate, Witch Doctor, Truffle, Steampunker and Wizard

  • Mechanic is really useful for building arena, traps or advanced hoik elevators. Wires are costly when you try to connect one teleport to other
  • Pirate is only there due to cannons still being broken af at the start of hardmode. Just go to one way, hide behind cannon and spam fire. Per hit you get 350+ dmg AoE every second. Very useful at Solar Eclipse if pulled out correctly (if you want guide how to build arenas write below)
  • Witch Doctor is great for summoner class. Make sure to place her in jungle, then think about neighbours (or you won’t be able to buy Pygmy Necklace)
  • Truffle is a tough call. I bet all of us use him only because of Autohammer while playing ranged character. Autohammer on the other hand cost 1 platinum gold and if he and his neighbor are happy, we get mushroom biome pylon. I highly recommend creating mushroom biome right after dungeon for fast dungeon/truffle teleport
  • Steampunker for many reasons. Wings are good at that stage of the game. Solutions are expensive and we got to keep dem world safe eh?
  • Wizard obviously for potions, but even then it’s very rare to use potions for dmg reduction (try to build efficient arena for stars, at least you will deal more damage)

Rest are wannabes.

Hints and math


1) If you want to build bases, try to get them as far as possible from your main base. Usually good forest biome is in the middle of the map. Depends on the size of world, two oasis on two sides of the map. Try to not use all pylons on one side of the map for better efficiency.

2) To get teleport to mushroom biome Truffle must be happy to sell pylon, and there needs to be two NPC’s. Send a guide there he won’t be needed in that late of the game

3) If you can’t do something in pre-hardmode there’s no point (except for demolotionist, goblin tinkerer and arm’s dealer) in trying to predict where hollow will spawn or wandering around jungle to build home for dryad. The best option is to create few houses at the surface for merchant and arms dealer to move in, and one building in underground for demolotionist. Then just progress to hell level, get eye of cthulhu, skeletron, WoF, then just build all houses using good materials and decorations.

To present you the math behind all of that I will add variable: Efficiency Point

NPC located in liked biome = +1 EP
NPC located in loved biome = +2 EP

NPC located in disliked biome = -1EP
NPC located in hated biome = -2EP

NPC located near liked neighbor = +1 EP
NPC located near loved neighbor = +2 EP

NPC located near disliked neighbor = -1 EP
NPC located near hated neighbor = -2 EP

When there’s 3 NPC, adding another NPC to area of 25 tiles will grant us -1 EP (for example with 6 NPC it’s -3 EP)

NPC Positioning:

(Main Base)
One room – Nurse + Arms Dealer
Second room – Zoologist + Golfer
Third room – Merchant + Clothier

Nurse loves Arms Dealer and likes Hallow (2EP)
Arms Dealer loves Nurse and likes Desert (2EP)
Zoologist likes Golfer and likes Forest (2EP)
Golfer likes Zoologist and likes Forest (2EP)
Merchant likes Forest (1EP)
Clothier is there just for placing pylon at the bottom of the base (magic mirror to the crown, pylon to the bottom) you can place him somewhere in underground alone if you want to

One room – Demolotionist + Tavernkeep

Demolotionist loves Tavernkeep and likes Underground (3EP)
Tavernkeep loves Demolotionist and likes Hallow (2EP)

Surface, near dungeon:
One room – Truffle + Guide

Truffle loves Guide and has no preference to biome due to living on only one (2EP)
Guide doesn’t give a damn about walking shroom, probably took some leaf under tongue (0EP)

One room – Witch Doctor + Dryad
Second room – Painter

Witch Doctor likes Dryad and likes Jungle (2EP)
Dryad likes Witch Doctor and likes Jungle (2EP)
Painter likes Jungle but other moving entities are vegan only, so no benefits for poor fella (1EP)

Wizard + Party Girl

Party Girl loves Wizard and likes Hallow (3EP)
Wizard is more into church, but still likes Hallow (1EP)

One room: Pirate + Angler
Second room: Stylist

Pirate loves Angler and likes Ocean (3EP)
Angler loves only fishes and likes Ocean (3EP)
Stylist likes Ocean (1EP)

First room: Steampunker + Cyborg
Second room: Dye Trader

Steampunker loves Cyborg and likes Desert (3EP)
Cyborg likes Steampunker (1EP)
Dye Trader likes Desert (1EP)
Note: Dye Trader doesn’t like Steampunker, that’s why again – make sure one room is away enough from each other

One room – Mechanic + Goblin Tinkerer
Second room – Tax Collector

Mechanic loves Goblin Tinkerer and likes Snow (3EP)
Goblin Tinkerer loves Mechanic but when he gets outside during blizzard his wife can’t find him until summer (2EP)

Make sure one rooms has an area of 25 tiles square. The best for it is finding living tree and building two rooms in two crowns and third one between trees at the ground level.

Edit: Ninigushu, a youtuber I really like to watch just uploaded tutorial about everything I said above.

Here’s the link if something needs further explanation.

Also I know, I will soon add screenshots + save to my world, I haven’t started my tryhard build world yet.

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Written by Vareneck

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  1. In some cases it’s better to build one’s house underground in the biome their loved one loves. I built house for Demolitionists like 20-30 blocks under the Mechanics house in snow biome and it works excellent. Check it out!

  2. How it says Room 1 and Room 2, does that mean you can have them all in one building, or do you need to spread the rooms out in the biome?


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