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Terraria The best modifications for weapons and accessories

This guide is about the best modifications in Terraria, if you have more than +150 hours you can like and close this guide.

The best modifications for weapons and accessories


Due to various limitations with certain weapon classes, determining the best possible modifiers may not be as simple as comparing statistics, and players can waste money trying to acquire modifiers that are impossible to achieve for their given weapon. The following is an easy rundown of the most desirable possible modifiers for each weapon or weapon type in most situations:

CategoryModifierDamageSpeedCritical strike chanceMana costSizeVelocityKnockback
Whips and all other melee weaponsLegendary+15%+10%+5%0+10%0+15%
Melee weapons*Godly+15%0+5%000+15%
All other ranged weaponsUnreal+15%+10%+5%00+10%+15%
Tools, ranged and magic weapons**Demonic+15%0+5%0000
All other magic weaponsMythical+15%+10%+5%-10%00+15%
All other summon weaponsRuthless+18%00000-10%
  • *that are not swung overhead (excluding shortswords and the Terrarian)
  • **with no knockback
  • ***such as pickaxes, axes, or hammers


EffectModifierStat change
Critical strike chanceLucky+4%
Movement speedQuick+4%
Melee speedViolent+4%
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