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TEVI Achievement Guide 100%

TEVI Achievement Guide 100%

As of the current version there are 100 achievements in the game, and the guide will be updated along with future versions.

This is a guide explaining how to get all of the achievements in TEVI, from simply completing the game and exploring to doing some obscure or tricky things. As this covers all of the achievements, including the hidden ones, there will be a lot of spoilers, so keep that in mind before proceeding.

Story achievements

You will get these achievements by simply playing through the story to completion. There is no difficulty requirement for any of them, and the story will also make you fight all of the bosses.

100% Achievements GuideHumble Beginnings
Begin the game

100% Achievements GuideGearing Up
Complete Chapter 0

100% Achievements GuideThe Adventure Begins
Complete Chapter 1

100% Achievements GuideInventive Insight
Complete Chapter 2

100% Achievements GuideMelody and Malady
Complete Chapter 3

100% Achievements GuideLight to Shadow
Complete Chapter 4

100% Achievements GuideThrough the Storm
Complete Chapter 5

100% Achievements GuidePrevarications
Complete Chapter 6

100% Achievements GuideMounting Peril
Complete Chapter 7

100% Achievements GuideShatter
Complete all chapters

100% Achievements GuideJar of Applemiel
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideCat-eared Bomb
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideVial of Viscera
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideBroken Drill
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideOld Crescent Blade
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideUniform Scrap
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuidePassionate Rose
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuidePainted Shell
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideGardening Shears
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideLost Badge
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideCold Sword
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideTattered Bandage
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideDark Stone Fragment
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideGiant Frying Pan
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideFlaming Skull
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideSpear of Light
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideShining Lasso
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideMechanized Glove
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideMirrored Spanner
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideThaumaturgic Staff
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideBloodsoaked Collar
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideScarlet Dagger
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

100% Achievements GuideEchoing Void
Defeat the corresponding boss for the first time

Exploration, Collection, Crafting (1)

Achievements based on exploring the map and collecting items. Besides finding them randomly, buying them from shops and crafting, some items can also be given by specific people under certain conditions.

100% Achievements GuidePotion Collector I
Obtain 10 bunny potions

100% Achievements GuidePotion Collector II
Obtain 50 bunny potions

100% Achievements GuidePotion Collector III
Obtain 125 bunny potions

100% Achievements GuidePotion Collector IV
Obtain 180 bunny potions

There are 35 of each green, blue, yellow, red and purple potions in the game, as well as 15 rainbow potions for a total of 190. Most of them can be found by exploring, and the shops will also sell one of each potions (with one rainbow potion getting added to each shop later). In addition to this, you can also obtain rainbow potions by completing Memine’s challenges explained in another section of this guide.

100% Achievements GuideSigil Collector I
Obtain 30 sigils

100% Achievements GuideSigil Collector II
Obtain 80 sigils

100% Achievements GuideSigil Collector III
Obtain 160 sigils

100% Achievements GuideSigil Collector IV
Obtain 240 sigils

There are currently 249 sigils in the game. Most of them can be obtained by exploring or buying them from shops, as well as crafting them. In addition to this, one sigil is given by Cyril in his room, one is given by completing all of Memine’s challenges, and the Mysterious Traveller’s missions reward one sigil each, further explained in another section of the guide.

100% Achievements GuideZenniful
Obtain 50,000 zennies

100% Achievements GuideShow Me the Zennies
Obtain 150,000 zennies

100% Achievements GuideFat Pockets
Obtain 300,000 zennies

Similar to the other collection achievements, there are more zennies in the game than the last achievement requires. After buying out every shop, there are 86500 leftover. The main method of obtaining zennies is by breaking the yellow blocks, with some of them being hidden (no yellow marks). They can also be obtained from certain NPC’s. As they are a limited resource, they cannot be farmed in any way.

100% Achievements GuideCrafty
Initiate crafting of consumables or sigils 5 times

100% Achievements GuideBake ’em away
Initiate crafting of consumables or sigils 50 times

You will get this as you craft various consumable items or sigils from the crafting menu. Most of the crafting recipes will unlock as you progress through the story or as you unlock the related abilities, but they can also be obtained from shops when buying specific consumables such as waffles or bombs.

100% Achievements GuideChef’s Bliss
Use healing consumables 25 times

You will get this by using any consumable that heals you, such as the pocket biscuit, waffles, etc.

100% Achievements GuideRigorous Research
Upgrade any piece of equipment to level 3

100% Achievements GuideFully Enhanced
Upgrade all equipment to level 3

This is obtained by upgrading the various movement and combat abilities through the crafting menu by using the purple Mananite shards as well as rarer materials for later levels. Mananite shards are generally obtained by breaking purple blocks, killing enemies, material conversion and given by CC as you buy more items from her shop. Note that some upgrades will not become available until much later on in the game.

100% Achievements GuideCutting Edge
Complete research of all modular chips to unlock all orbitar shot types B and C, core expansion U and D, and soul burst

This is obtained by unlocking the specific chips through the crafting menu by using the yellow Magitite shards. These chips will appear in the crafting menu as the story progresses and will also show up when collecting certain amounts of shards. Magitite shards are generally obtained by killing specific enemies, material conversion and given by Ian as you buy more items from his shop.

100% Achievements GuideLucky Conversion
Obtain a rare shard via materials conversion

Material conversion is an option in the crafting menu that allows you to spend your materials to acquire other discovered materials randomly. In addition to this, there is a small chance to obtain mananite or magitite shards every time you use it, with a cap on how many shards can be obtained in total through this method.

100% Achievements GuideOver the Rainbow
Complete crafting attempts for the Whimsical Waffle of Wonder

You will unlock the recipe for this at a fairly early point in the story, but will not be able to obtain the achievement until much later on. Every time you craft (attempt) the waffle, the required materials will change and a percentage will increase. Finishing all of the attempts requires some materials which are only obtainable much later in the story.

100% Achievements GuideIn the Bag
Expand bag once

You can obtain bag expanders from CC’s shop, simply buy one for this achievement.

100% Achievements GuideTop Client
Purchase all the items from the store in any town or city

100% Achievements GuideWaffle Wizard
Purchase all the items from Morose Wafflehouse (Chapter 6 and later)

100% Achievements GuideBomber Baron
Purchase all the items from Vena’s shop (Chapter 7 and later)

Buy all of the items in the specified shops to unlock these achievements. The chapter requirement is there because the shops only unlock all of their items in those chapters, so this cannot be obtained by buying them out earlier than that.

Exploration, Collection, Crafting (2)

100% Achievements GuideAll Decked Out
Collect all items in the right inventory slot (which excludes potions, bag expanders, and sigils)

The right inventory slot is in the Items tab and generally contains abilities and items unlocked through the story or chips developed in the crafting menu. In addition to this, some of those items can be purchased from shops or have specific requirements to unlock, covered in another section of the guide.

To obtain the achievement, you have to get every item that will go in that part of the inventory, as shown below:

100% Achievements Guide
100% Achievements Guide

100% Achievements GuideAvid Adventurer
Explore 100% of any area on the map

100% Achievements GuideCharting the Unknown
Explore 50% of the map of Az

100% Achievements GuideExpert Explorer
Explore 100% of the map of Az

You will get these by uncovering all of the squares of the map. Getting all of the items or resources is not required for this achievement, only discovering all of the squares.

It is heavily recommended to use the fully upgraded Explorer’s Compass after clearing the game in order to more efficiently explore, as it will help reveal both unexplored map squares as well as items and resources.

Checking out a 100% map is also an option. Unfortunately it would take up far too much space to post here, but there are already guides with 100% maps, so I recommend checking those out for one.


Achievements related to various combat feats such as getting a high combo or dealing a lot of damage, getting KO’d in specific ways or doing certain things during bossfights.

100% Achievements GuideMax Power
Attain MAX RANK for the first time

Combo rank can be increased by performing different moves as opposed to repeating the same move over and over, and continuously hitting the boss. Being able to attain MAX combo requires having at least a level 2 Spanner of Wisdom, but the fully upgraded version also helps with this.

100% Achievements GuideChiliad Combo
Attain a combo count of 1000 for the first time

Increasing the combo count quickly can be done in various ways such as using a lot of multi-hitting moves and shots. Going for too long without hitting the boss will result in the combo dropping, and getting hit also decreases the combo count. It is recommended to use sigils that help with combo time as well as making sure to constantly shoot the boss if you have to take some distance.

100% Achievements GuideCrushing Combo
Deal a total of 15,000 damage before combo ends

May come naturally while doing the 1000 combo achievement, but otherwise it is recommended to use harder hitting moves such as Tornado Slam to speed up the process.

100% Achievements GuideVae Victis
Defeat 1000 enemies

Will likely come naturally through exploring, otherwise there are many spots with a lot of enemies in the game that can be easily farmed for this. As long as you fight every enemy at least once, it will probably not require any grinding.

100% Achievements GuideOne Bunch!
Deal 250 damage in one hit (excludes damage dealt by consumables)

Easier to do later in the game because of having more potions as well as abilities such as Tornado Slam, which can easily hit for over 250.

100% Achievements GuideFive Stars
Successfully execute quintuple flash

This move is unlocked by equipping the sigil Style Combo: Triple Flash S and having at least an SSS rank combo. If those conditions are met, using airdash on an enemy will cause it to turn into the flash attack, and it will hit 5 times instead of the usual 3.

100% Achievements GuideCome a Long Way
Defeat a unicorn for the first time in the Evernight Garden

Unicorns are tricky to kill at first because of their full heal as well as the debuff to damage that happens when first visiting the Evernight Garden. An easy way to get this achievement is to come back to the area later in the game and use similar methods as for getting the 250 damage achievement. In particular, both Tornado Slam and Mana Pillar can do a lot of burst damage.

100% Achievements GuideBunny don’t have 9 lives
Get KO’d 9 times

Will likely come naturally while playing on a higher difficulty.

100% Achievements GuideBuntality
Get KO’d by a bunny

Getting KO’d by a bunny is only tricky in the sense that you really have to go out of your way to do it, seeing as bunnies both deal and take 1 damage. An easy way to do this is to lower your health as much as possible beforehand then finding a cozy spot to afk in for this.

100% Achievements GuideFrosted Overdose
Get KO’d from eating Voodoo’s Mewmew Cookie

Voodoo’s Mewmew Cookie is a consumable that sacrifices 44% of your max HP to insta-charge 999% MP and give your currently selected obitar 4 crystals. Since the damage it deals can be fatal to you, using it below the specified HP will KO you, and grant this achievement.

100% Achievements GuideSqueak By
Defeat a boss while having less than 5% HP remaining

Can happen accidentally while first playing, but an easy way to get this is to equip any Perseverance sigil and beat a boss after triggering the buff, since perseverance sigils will avoid fatal blows but still leave you with 1 HP afterwards.

100% Achievements GuideCaerbunnog
Use Vena’s wind-up bunny to defeat a boss

Vena’s wind-up bunny is the BB Rabbit consumable which can be purchased from Vena’s shop. After using it, the bunny will slowly move towards the boss and deal very small damage upon contact. It will explode after taking too many hits, but for this achievement to trigger, the boss has to die from the small damage it deals, not from exploding.

Safest way to do this is to simply fight an early boss (such as Vena!) after clearing the game, lowering their HP as much as possible then using those bunnies to finish them off. It would be safe to bring more than one, just in case it gets destroyed before killing the boss.

Secrets and misc. tasks (1)

These achievements are for doing specific NPC quests, finding hidden things or sequence breaking. Most of them can be done at any time, but one of them is missable.

100% Achievements GuideThere All Along
Complete the game without using the Silver Bell

The Silver Bell is an item given to you near the end of the story by Voodoo. Getting this item requires one slot in the consumable bag and cannot be missed since the game will make you clear your bag for it before you can proceed. In order to get this achievement you have to never use the bell until you beat the final boss, and therefore can be missed as the bell will serve a different purpose if not used after clearing the game.

100% Achievements GuideRising Sun
Obtain the hidden item Gilded Exultation

One of the items in the right inventory slot and probably the trickiest one to get. Firstly, you have to find the Gilded Left Hand and Gilded Right Hand in each of the Golden Hands bases:

100% Achievements Guide
100% Achievements Guide

Doing so requires some late-game abilities, so this is only unlockable on revisits of both areas.

After obtaining the hands, head to the Misty Maze, past the arena where Roleo was fought, and follow the trails of red roses yet again until you reach both the left and bottom left sides of this room:

100% Achievements Guide

Clear the blocks with bombs from both of those sides and then access the right entrance to the room by following more roses. Once you pass through this room, follow even more roses until you reach the room where the Mysterious Traveller is:

100% Achievements Guide

Talking to him while having both hands in your inventory will give you the hidden item and this achievement.

100% Achievements GuideChallenger of Fate
Find and complete all missions from the Mysterious Traveller

Mysterious Traveller is an NPC that can be found in various areas, most commonly in the major cities, who will require you to have a certain character level and send you to specific locations to fight off difficult enemy gauntlets, rewarding you with a sigil upon clearing. This achievement unlocks after completing the last of his missions.

– locations WIP –

100% Achievements GuideFun Bun Done Bun
Learn Memine’s ultimate fate

Achieved by completing all of Memine’s challenges then speaking to her in Valhalla. Memine’s challenges are “speedrun from point A to point B” type challenges and can be done on any difficulty, although the higher difficulties also add a condition for not getting hit a certain amount of times on the way, and make the timer more strict. You can unlock the challenges by progressing through the story.

There are a total of 6, found in these locations:

100% Achievements Guide
100% Achievements Guide
100% Achievements Guide
100% Achievements Guide
100% Achievements Guide
100% Achievements Guide

After clearing the challenges, find Memine in this location for the achievement:

100% Achievements Guide

100% Achievements GuideHush Bunny
Receive Rulan’s “gift”

Rulan is an NPC that you encounter after a point in the story who is definitely not slacking off. You can talk to him in a few locations, and he will give you a few zennies, rare shards and this achievement after talking to him on the beach.

– locations WIP –

100% Achievements GuideMs. Kitty cannot airdash
Defeat Vena after having obtained air dash, but not high jump, double jump, or slide

A nice Rabi-Ribi reference, this achievement requires clearing the game at least once to unlock Freeroam mode, a mode which adds in the hidden tech found in Rabi-Ribi and allows you to explore the game in whatever order you wish.

The hidden tech required for this is the reverse wall jump and wall kick. In order to do a reverse wall jump, face away from a wall before jumping off. A wall kick is done by quickdropping into a wall and can be performed after a reverse walljump to reach even higher.

Here is a video of the general route to get this achievement:

100% Achievements GuideDo Step on Me
Enter Merry Village in Chapter 1

Another sequence break achievement. This one requires using the quickdrop on an enemy in order to reach Merry Village before obtaining the Rabi Boots, which would otherwise allow you to make the jump there. As the image suggests, you have to bait one of these mushroom enemies up to the entrance to the area and then quickdrop on their head to reach the ledge:

100% Achievements Guide

Secrets and misc. tasks (2)

100% Achievements GuideChange of Scenery
Get knocked through a map transition at high speed

For this achievement you have to specifically get knocked into one of the transitions that has the blue lines. One easy way of doing this is by equipping the Ballasting Off sigil for extra 75% knockback and getting hit into the transition by one of the bears at this location:

100% Achievements Guide

100% Achievements GuideGossip Gal
Talk to NPCs around towns and cities

You get this one by talking to a lot of the random NPC’s found around towns and other places. Specifically, the ones that only have the dialogue boxes and not their full image shown.

100% Achievements GuideHooky Played
Find Vena’s podium

Teleport to Morose and bomb the spot on the right of the teleporter room then slide into it and keep going further to encounter the podium Vena used during her pre-release speech (and a nice special action to go with it).

100% Achievements Guide

100% Achievements GuideYour Civic Duty
Use a special action to pet a bunny

Requires equipping the Special Action: Olive Branch sigil, found in a nice reference room in the Verdawn Forest. Then, just find a bunny and use the special action next to it.

100% Achievements GuideSteampunk’d
Witness Vassago’s hidden move

Another reference, but not the Rabi kind this time. This move happens at a certain point during Vassago’s fight, but the exact conditions are unknown as of right now. Most likely it is related to jumping and landing on the ground many times due to the buff he gets from it.

100% Achievements GuideFinal Countdown
Witness Revenance’s hidden move

In order to trigger this attack, you need to be in the second phase of Revenance’s fight, namely right after you get ground to stand on. Then, destroy the hands many times (about 6 or so), without letting her get to the last phase, and this move will happen.

100% Achievements GuideAnother Shot
Successfully trigger Déjà Vu’s rewind effect

The rewind effect is an effect found on the various waffles you can buy and craft in the game and is similar to a savestate. In order to trigger the effect, you have to use a waffle during a bossfight and then die before the boss reaches the next health bar (which would remove the buff).

100% Achievements GuideMy Journey
Unlock all of the notebook entries and read at least one of the entries

Clear the game and then open the notebook and check any of the entries and this achievement should trigger.

100% Achievements GuideA Rabi Dream
Visit a familiar place while in the possession of a certain item…

A two-part achievement and a very big Rabi reference. First, you have to get at least 40k score in Rabi Smash, a minigame found in the Tartarus Casino (more on this in the next section) which will give you a pillow item. After getting the item, head to the save room in Verdawn Forest near the entrance to the Misty Maze and interact with the save point for a surprise and this achievement.

100% Achievements Guide

100% Achievements GuideWaxing Whimsical
Experience the refreshing sublimity (or mundanity) of strange company in a strange place

Another two-part achievement, and this one requires quite a lot of progress to do. Firstly, you need to fully upgrade the Combustible item, which will increase the cross bomb length to the max possible amount. Then head to Ana Thema into a room locked behind walljump and bomb this spot a couple of times then slide in order to reach the Library Key item:

100% Achievements Guide

After getting the key, head to the Library building (also in Ana Thema), and enter through the window (because why did we get a key in the first place?).

100% Achievements Guide

Special runs and modes

The rest, also known as the special modes the game has to offer, runs that have specific requirements, and minigames. One thing to note is that unless otherwise stated, the achievements here can be done in other modes too, most notably Freeroam mode, which changes the progression up quite a bit.

100% Achievements GuideLe Grillmaster
Complete the game on Infernal BBQ difficulty

Infernal BBQ is the hardest difficulty the game has to offer and unlocks after clearing the game for the first time. This achievement cannot be done in Freeroam mode as you cannot select this difficulty in Freeroam until after clearing it in normal mode at least once.

100% Achievements GuideWanderlust
Complete the game in Free Roam (Custom Game) mode

Freeroam mode is exactly what it sounds like, a mode where you can explore in whatever order you want. There are no longer story limiters, and you also gain access to the hidden tech from Rabi-Ribi, namely the reverse walljump and wall kick. Some movement items are in different locations than usual, and the objective is to obtain 20 Astral Gears, which are dropped by the bosses and found in a few specific locations.

100% Achievements GuideChaotic Mischief
Complete the game in Random Sigils (Custom Game) mode

Random Sigils is another custom mode which simply changes what sigil appears in a specific spot at random. The locations themselves don’t change, just the item in said location. Best combined with the Freeroam clear, since this mode doesn’t affect much of the game by itself.

100% Achievements GuideOne Trick Bunny
Complete the game with under 15% damage dealt via either ranged or melee attack

To get this achievement, you have to spend the entire game dealing damage by one method, so either only using melee to defeat everything, or only using ranged attacks. There is a bit of room to use the other option if needed, as long as the lowest stat in the notebook Adventure Log does not exceed 15%, like in this example:

100% Achievements Guide

100% Achievements GuidePack Light
Complete the game on average difficulty of normal or above while holding 25% or fewer of all items. (Only bunny potions and bag expanders affect item %)

As the description says, you have to finish the game without exceeding 25% items, while keeping in mind that only the potions and bag expanders will increase this percentage. A good strategy is to focus on offensive power potions if needed, skip the bag expanders and focus on getting useful sigils for dealing damage. Best done on normal for obvious reasons, but higher difficulties work aswell.

100% Achievements GuideUnassailable Virtue
Complete the game without defeating any wild rabbit-shaped entities

Complete an entire run, start to finish, without killing any of the bunny enemies. I’m unsure if the ones in snowveil also count for this achievement, but better safe than sorry. The regular bunnies can take a couple of hits, but it’s best to stay on the safe side and avoid attacking near them at all.

100% Achievements GuideHare-ied
Complete the game (average difficulty of normal or above) in 5 hours or under (active control time) while holding 50% or more of all items. (Only bunny potions and bag expanders affect item %)

The opposite of the low%, and also a speedrun. This can be done in Freeroam mode, which offers a bit more room for saving time. Obviously focus on getting quick zennies from your path so you can buy potions from the shops, and pick up any potion on your path or close to it. Getting 50% itself can be fairly quick, and 5 hours is fairly manageable after getting familliar with the game and the locations of items. Obviously do this on normal if you want to have the easiest time.

100% Achievements GuideTis but a scratch
Complete the game on average difficulty of hard or above while healing 50% or less of damage received

I believe this refers specifically to recovering health via consumables, the pick ups or other similar effects, but as of right now I’m unsure what adds to the number. The important thing to note is that you have to play on hard, not normal, and the numbers you are looking for are the Damage Received and Health Recovered in the notebook’s Adventure Log. As long as the health recovered is less than half of the damage received, this achievement should trigger upon clearing the game.

100% Achievements GuideA Smashing Opportunity
Discover Rabi Smash

100% Achievements GuideA Smashing Victory
Clear all stages of Rabi Smash

100% Achievements GuideA Smashing Triumph!
Achieve 50,000 points in Rabi Smash

A whole Rabi reference minigame! This one is found in the Tartarus Casino and features our voice-acted Rabi protagonist herself. While clearing it is fairly easy, getting 50k points is actually a little tricky.

The way to increase your points is actually not hammering everything, but stomping on their head. For every time you stomp on an enemy without touching the ground, the score you get doubles. This way, you can easily get 200+ points every time you land on an enemy, and this also works the same way for the bosses. Landing will reset this, but if you run out of enemies or plan on taking a landing, finishing off the last enemy with a hammer swing will actually give more points than if you killed them with a stomp.

Since the stages are always the same, it’s mostly a game of learning where the enemies spawn and go, making sure to pick up the Ribbon bonus and staying alive as much as possible. Keep in mind that you will jump higher if you hold the jump button as you stomp an enemy, so use this to your advantage.

Will possibly upload a video for this soon.

Written by Kanra

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