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TEVI Misty Maze Map Guide

Screenshot map of Misty Maze with detailed info on what transition goes where.

TEVI Misty Maze Map Guide

Apparently after one of the updates, Misty Maze goes into “no fog” mode after you complete it. Don’t be like me, I left this area as the last one to complete when trying to 100% the map and then, annoyed by how confusing it is to navigate, I started mapping it. After I reached the very last room, the map became immediately useless.

Since I already had it done, I decided to post this anyway. In normal playthrough you won’t need this guide, because completing the maze requires simply following the red roses and after reaching the bottom-left room, the fog disappears and transitions no longer teleport you all over the area. The guide is useful only if you want to 100% the area while the fog is still active, for whatever reason.

General Info

This is a full map of the maze part of the area (it does not include the entrance and the final rooms, because they are irrelevant). The rooms here appear as in-game, but without enemies and items. Most of the rooms have small fog artifacts, because I went as far as removing the character from the view. Each screenshot room also includes minimap (mostly because UI can’t be hidden), however I did not have 100% discovered when starting this guide, so some of the rooms will have it a bit inaccurate.

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The map is divided into a grid. There is big grid and a smaller one for better reference. I marked each room exit with information on where does it lead. E.g. if room exits right and goes to B5, it means that you will enter B5 from the left side. Some of the rooms have 2 exits on one side, but both lead to the same room (I still marked them separately for clarity). Some of the exits have special markers. => means that the exit leads to the adjacent room, but only one way. Straight line means that the transition is two-way, i.e. you can go to the next room and back. X are exits that are normally not reachable, because they are blocked by one-way breakable floor. You can however jump before floor regenerates and use wall jump to reach them. You will go out of bounds and re-enter the same room.

The entrance point is H1 and exit is A8. When you reach the last room, the fog will disappear, so avoid it if you want to keep the confusing navigation. I was also going to put a direction guide to each of the item rooms, but since the map turned out useless, I gave up this idea. Figure it out yourself 😉

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The Map

Complete Misty Maze map
Written by Kobewi

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