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The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep – Abilities, Party and Companions


Each adventurer can equip up to five abilities to be used in combat. Which abilities your adventurer has equipped can be set in your character sheet and your mastery book. Abilities are gained from your character’s archetype and the associated Skill Tree, and can also be found on some special items, such as potions or magic weapons. Equipped abilities are displayed in the center of your Party Grid. Below are the common Abilities and their unique tooltip color:

  • Purple: Mental
  • Orange: Physical
  • Green: Healing
  • Blue: Defense
  • Gray: Utility

In addition to the Ability title and a short description, the Ability tooltips contain information on any Spell Point or Opportunity cost, as well as any cooldown duration.

Party and Companions

As you venture forth, you will encounter quite a few adventurers like yourself – a perk of being in the Adventurer’s Guild! Your party starts with a set number of slots, but this number increases as the game progresses. Any character you do not take in your active party will return to the Adventurer’s Guild. This way, you can always rearrange the party as you see fit. Speaking to any character who can join your party will open the Party Menu automatically.

Another option, outside of the characters you will encounter along your journey, is to create mercenaries to round out your active party members. Purchased from the Mercenary Vendor in the Adventurer’s Guild, these mercenaries are always available provided you have obtained a Mercenary Token on your adventure.

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