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The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep – Important Stats and Exploration

Important Stats

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Your adventurer’s maximum health points.


Affects the amount of damage done by most attacks.

Armor Class

Every point of armor negates one point of incoming physical damage. Mental Damage and True Damage ignore armor.


Determines your Focus while channeling or using stances. This will also make some spells more powerful and dictate how well you can hold your liquor.

Opportunity Gems

Combat in The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep is turn-based. Starting out, you have three Opportunity, displayed as gems, to spend each turn. You will gain more as you progress. Your adventurers have Abilities that cost Opportunity to activate. Activate Abilities until you’re out of Opportunity before ending your turn. Unlike the other stats, Opportunity is a resource shared by your entire party.

Spell Points

Abilities that use Spell Points display Spell Point Gem icons directly on their Ability icon. The number of gems indicates the number of Spell Points they require to cast. The gems are either lit or unlit, based on how many Spell Points the character currently possesses. If the character lacks the Spell Points needed to cast the spell, the Ability icon is greyed out.

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Unlike Opportunity, Spell Points are not a shared resource across your team. Spell Points are generated and stored on the individual character. Generate Spell Points by drinking Elixirs of Focus, meditating, or getting drunk. Some passives also generate Spell Points. Abilities that use Spell Points do not use Opportunity.



Knowing where you’re trying to go is important. Active quests will produce Waypoints in the world for you to follow to help reach your objectives. Simply run over the Waypoint to cause the next one to appear.

Luck Stones

Luck Stones are artifacts placed around the world of Caith. When you approach and interact with them, they will allow you to save your game. If you fall in battle or quit and come back, you will reappear at the last Luck Stone you visited.

Ancient Luck Stones are a special type of Luck Stone. Unlike their regular golden cousins, you may choose to save your game here or, if you’re daring, you can instead consume the Luck Stone’s magic; destroying the stone but gaining Experience for your entire party. Choose wisely.

Standing Stones

The world of Caith is dotted with ancient Standing Stones which allow adventurers to travel great distances. Those who possess a special Song of Exploration ability, the Wildland Whistle, may use it while standing in the center of the ring to activate them.

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Upon activation, your Map Screen will appear and show all of the Standing Stones you have previously discovered. Selecting one will allow you to fast travel to that location.

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