The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Trinkets Guide

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

I’ll explain every trinket from the game including DLC’s.


  • Trinkets are collectibles that will give you passive effects.
  • You can have only one trinket at a time. (or two with Mom’s Purse or Belly Button)
  • While held Mom’s Box most of trinkets have double effect.
  • There are 60 trinkets in rebirth, with 29 added in afterbirth, and 35 added in afterbirth+

Rebirth Part I

  • Swallowed Penny – Drop a coin after damage taken
  • Petrified Poop – Raises drop chance from poop
  • AAA Battery – Recharge last slot of active item
  • Broken Remote – Random teleport when active item is used
  • Purple Heart – More champion enemies will spawn
  • Broken Magnet – Only works for coins
  • Rosary Bead – More Eternal Heart and Angel Room chance
  • Cartridge – Chance to Gamekid effect upon taking damage
  • Pulse Worm – Hitbox of tears is growing when they are shoot
  • Wiggle Worm – Tears fly in right left pattern when shoot
  • Ring Worm – Tears fly in ring pattern when shoot
  • Flat Worm – Better knockback, tears are now flat and has larger hitboxes
  • Store Credit – One thing from shop is free ( One-time use)
  • Callus – Immune to spikes and any creep
  • Lucky Rock – Rocks drop coins when destroyed
  • Mom’s Toenail – Mom is now stomping randomly per 60 in screen dealing 300 dmg. Hurts player too
  • Black Lipstick – Increases chance for black hearts to spawn
  • Bible Tract – Increases chance for black hearts to spawn, also locks Angel Rooms after dealing with Devil
  • Paper Clip – Golden chests are opened without keys
  • Monkey Paw – When you reach half a heart of life remaining, a black heart will spawn. After three black hearts have spawned, the trinket dissapears
  • Mysterious Paper – Has a chance to trigger effects of The Polaroid, The Negative, Missing Poster, Missing Page. Small chance to take player to The Chest or to The Dark Room without having The Negative or The Polaroid
  • Demon’s Tail – Every future heart (except Super Secret room hearts will be re-rolled to another pickups with chance to become a black heart
  • Missing Poster – Dying in sacrifice room unlocks ”The Lost”. In Afterbirth you will always respawn as ”The Lost” when you die in sacrifice room while holding this trinket
  • Butt Penny – Player farts after picking up any coin
  • Mysterious Candy – Random poop spawn
  • Hook Worm – Tears fly in Hook pattern when shoot
  • Whip Worm – Range up, Shoot speed up
  • Broken Ankh – Has 22,22% chance to respawn as “Blue Baby” after dying
  • Fish Head – Every damage that player take blue fly will spawn
  • Pinky Eye – Tears have chance to be poisoned
  • Push Pin – Tears have chance to be spectral and piercing
  • Liberty Cap – Random effect ( Mini Mush, The Compass, Odd Mushroom (first and second)) for each room
  • UmbilicaL Cord – When on half a heart Lil Steven familiar will spawn
  • Childs Heart – More red hearts drops
  • Cyrved Horn – +2 DMG
  • Rusted Key – More Keys and Chests
  • Goat Hoof – Speed up
  • Mom’s Pearl – Has a chance to turn heart to soul heart
  • Cancer – -2 Tera delay
  • Red Patch – Upon taking dmg you have a chance to get +1.8 dmg up for current room
  • Match Stick – Only way to remove “Tick” trinket, more bombs chance
  • Lucky Toe – +1 Luck
  • Cursed Skull – After taking damage teleports you room back
  • Safety Cap – More pills chance
  • Ace Of Spades – More cards chance
  • Isaac’s Fork – After clearing a room you has a chance to heal a half heart
  • The Polaroid – Earlier in game as trinket now as item after clearing depths 2 will spawn with The Negative
  • Missing Page – When taking dmg player has a chance to activate Necronomicon effect
  • Bloody Penny – After picking up a coin player have a chance to spawn half a red heart
  • Burnt Penny – After picking up a coin player have a chance to spawn bomb
  • Flat Penny – After picking up a coin player have a chance to spawn key
  • Counterfeit Penny – After picking up a coin player have a chance to gain another one

Rebirth Part II

  • Tick – Every boss is damaged to 85% of his health and player is healed by red heart if possible
  • Isaac’s Head – Player gain Isaac’s Head familiar that shoots piercing tears 3.5 dmg
  • Maggy’s Faith – Eternal heart will be gained on every floor start
  • Judas’ Tongue – Reduces Devils deals price from 2 red hearts to 1
  • ???’s Soul – Spawn a familiar that shoots the same direction as player and moves similar to the “GB BUG”
  • Samson’s Lock – After killing enemy player have a chance to gain +0.5 dmg up for current room
  • Cain’s Eye – 25% To activate The Compass effect
  • Eve’s Bird Foot – When you kill an enemy player have a chance to spawn Dead Bird for current room
  • The Left Hand – Every chest is replaced to red chest


  • Shiny Rock – Tinted rocks and those rocks which has crawl space below will shine once per 100 seconds
  • Safety Scissors – Troll bombs will be disarmed
  • Rainbow Worm – Random Word effects
  • Tape Worm – Double range, halve tear height
  • Lazy Worm – Shoot speed down, range up, tear height
  • Cracked Dice – When damaged have a chance to trigger random dice effect
  • Super Magnet – Everything is slowly moving towards you
  • Faded Polaroid – Random camo effect
  • Louse – Random blue spider spawn when enemies in room
  • Bob’s Bladder – Creates green creep under your bombs
  • Watch Battery – Raises battery drops, chance to charge active item after clearing a room
  • Blasting Cap – Bombs after blowing have a chance to spawn bomb pickup
  • Stud Finder – More Crawl Space chance
  • Error – Random trinket effect for room
  • Poker Chip – Chests have 50/50 chance to drop more pickups or be empty/spawn enemy
  • Blister – More knockback
  • Second Hand – Extends effects on enemies (poison, fear etc.)
  • Endless Nameless – Upon card or pill use there is a small chance to copy and drop it on the floor
  • Black Feather – +0.2 dmg for every ‘evil’ item
  • Blind Rage – Invincibility after receiving dmg last longer
  • Golden Horse Shoe – 15% chance to have double treasure room for next floor (works as m
    More Options item)
  • Store Key – All shop doors are opened for free
  • Rib Of Greed – Greed and Ultra Greed mini bosses are no longer spawning
  • Karma – Donating to a machine has a chance to summon a beggar or heal player for one red heart
  • Lil Larva – Spawning one blue fly after destroying poop
  • Mom’s Locket – All half red hearts are replaced with full red hearts, every key use player will be healed for half a red heart
  • No! – While this trinket is held you have a significantly lower chance to find spacebar/active items. It will cause passive items to spawn except when the game cannot generate any more passive items and will then instead choose spacebar/active items. Some hard coded spacebar items from bosses and mini-bosses (i.e. Krampus Head) can still spawn. Bible drops caused by the Rosary item are not prevented by this trinket.
  • Child Leash – Familiars now will be closer to each other
  • Brown Cap – Poop will explode after destroying

Afterbirth +

  • Meconium – Poop has a chance to turn into black poop
  • Cracked Crown – Grants extra stat upgrades based on Isaac’s passive items that increase his tear rate
  • Used Diaper – Has a chance to give the Skatole effect when entering a room
  • Fish Tail – Items and trinkets that generate flies, will generate twice as many
  • Black Tooth – Has a chance to fire a tooth, which poisons enemies
  • Ouroboros Worm – Tears go in a large, spiral pattern and become spectral.
  • Tonsil – When Isaac’s hit, there is a chance for a Tonsil familiar to spawn, which blocks shots.
  • Nose Goblin – Has a chance to fire a Sinus Infection tear
  • Super Ball – Has a chance to fire a Rubber Cement tear
  • Vibrant Bulb – Gives all stats up when you have a fully charged active item.
  • Dim Bulb – Gives all stats up when you have a fully depleted active item
  • Fragmented Card – Spawns two normal secret rooms instead of one on a floor
  • Equality – Turns pickups into their doubled versions, when Isaac’s pickup count is equal to each other
  • Wish Bone – When Isaac is hit, there is a chance for Wish Bone to spawn an item
  • Bag Lunch – When Isaac is hit, there is a chance for Bag Lunch to spawn Lunch
  • Lost Cork – Increases size of the creep Isaac produces
  • Crow Heart – When Isaac is hit, and he has red heart containers and soul/black hearts, the damage will drain only the red heart containers
  • Walnut – When Isaac is hit, there is a chance for the walnut to crack and spawn pickups
  • Duct Tape – Isaac’s familiars stop moving
  • Silver Dollar – Shops spawn in the Womb
  • Bloody Crown – Treasure Rooms spawn in the Womb
  • Pay to Win – A reroll machine always appears in treasure rooms
  • Locust of War – Spawns a friendly fly of war, when entering a room, which explodes upon contact with an enemy
  • Locust of Pestilence – Spawns a friendly fly of pestilence, when entering a room, which damages and poisons enemies upon contact with them
  • Locust of Famine – Spawns a friendly fly of famine, when entering a room, which damages and slows enemies upon contact with them
  • Locust of Death – Spawns a friendly fly of famine, when entering a room, which does very high amounts of damage to enemies upon contact with them
  • Locust of Conquest – Spawns a 2-5 friendly flies of conquest, when entering a room, which damage enemies upon contact with them
  • Bat Wing – Upon killing an enemy, there is a chance for Isaac to be granted flight for the rest of the room
  • Stem Cell – Heals half a heart when entering the next floor
  • Hair Pin – Fully charges Isaac’s held active item upon entering a boss room
  • Wooden Cross – Grants a Holy Mantle effect for the rest of the floor, which disappears upon getting hit
  • Butter – Using an active item will drop it onto a pedestal. Getting hit may sometimes make Isaac drop one of his passive items
  • Filigree Feather – Angels upon being defeated drop items instead of key pieces
  • Door Stop – Allows Isaac to leave the room he’s currently in, even when there are enemies in it
  • Extension Cord – Beams of electricity flow through Isaac’s familiars, which damage enemies
  • Rotten Penny – Spawns a friendly fly upon picking up a coin
  • Baby-Bender – Grants homing shots for Isaac’s familiars
  • Finger Bone – Has a chance to give Isaac a bone heart, when being hit

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