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The Caligula Effect Overdose: World Reward Passwords

Tired with searching around for the World Reward passwords? Here is the complete list of the World Reward password!

World Reward Passwords

Please be advised that the passwords are case sensitive!

NoNameBoss Gate
1AichmophobiaKishimai High (Main Building 1F)NcypcEHzsKYN
2Sleepless HabitsKishimai High (Main Building 1F)ZpLkfFKmHjrx
3Bondage ObsessionKishimai High (Main Building 1F)GxWXrEMhWjus
4PhonophobiaMiyabi Hot Springs (Baking Soda Fountain 2F Front)rAMsmDURSsyr
5LabyrinthosisMiyabi Hot Springs (Baking Soda Fountain 2F Front)SxhAiCvSvZsT
6All-in DilemmaKishimai High (Kishimai Old Building Basement 1F)ShAjkEaCuVMc
7Unusual Hair CollectorKishimai High (Kishimai Old Building Basement 1F)cUwtsZEFfZvD
8Eager AtonementPapiko (Foodcourt 1F)SeFKHycZWgAD
9NesciantPapiko (Foodcourt 1F)tSaupVSAMasE
10NarcolepsyPapiko (Foodcourt 1F)VpFikMQANnMs
11Actually…Municipal City Library (Information Counter)uJPzTiQvgZhH
12TrypophobiaMunicipal City Library (Information Counter)jFHvDrUBEiKs
13Line-lineMunicipal City Library (Information Counter)nViBZwmENhbH
14Nobody to Talk toSea Paraiso Park Area (Sun Temple 3F)cEgTCcyDyEkH
15Polka-phobiaSea Paraiso Park Area (Sun Temple 3F)uGcqqTXfNbLC
16PeniaphobiaSea Paraiso Aquarium Area (Restricted Area)BhxCNehFHzpe
17Pica DisorderSea Paraiso Aquarium Area (Restricted Area)xEAsFgaPQmdR
18Sleeping DisorderSea Paraiso Aquarium Area (Restricted Area)PrnAkJGghDQp
19AnthropophobiaLandmark Tower (Middle Level 24F)GpBwSjwPCqVr
20Shapeshifter ConundrumLandmark Tower (Upper Level 65F)BkhYBiDqVjtn
21Unrequited Love TabooLandmark Tower (Upper Level 65F)JneKJvAGGzAY
22My One and Only, ForeverLandmark Tower (Upper Level 65F)nTBhLrtevQBk
23Cold Feet ElopeGrand Guignol (Corridor of Lament, South)NqbTkUcmgRcP
24SpeedsterGrand Guignol (Corridor of Lament, South)mJPNqQJdWnGZ
25PerfectionistGrand Guignol (Corridor of Lament, South)AbrNAysgHteq
26Wish or NothingGrand Guignol (Corridor of Lament, East)KphUxCJQhDXe
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The passwords are kindly provided by the Caligula Overdose Japanese wiki.

Also thanks to you for taking your time reading this guide. If there were any mistakes, feel free to comment!

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