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The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos Economy: how to earn money + map of gold, silver, iron

Several main ways to earn money, mining in the Golden Mine, map of deposits (silver, gold, iron, magic ore).

To earn money you just need to…

(Download in diagrams dot net format)

  1. casual looting around village/city (there are some gold pouches always) and inside of a houses (gold/silver plates, candleholders, cups, small chests, leather bellows, other valuable things).
  2. ASAP learn skin mammals, skin reptiles (more valuable than mammal), other hunter skills and bring trophies to corresponding hunters.
    Teachers = Marcus (Silbach), Carden (Silbach), Nirka (The City, house near Volker’s manor), Allan (The City, merchants square).
  3. cook a dishes and sell them to Jil the cook at Albyn’s manor, SIlbach.
  4. learn Lockpicking to unlock chests.
    Teacher = main quest related (Silbach), so you cannot miss it.
    Lvl1 seems to be enough, at least at first time when every LP is extremely valuable.
  5. learn Scrollwriting to unlock chests with cheap Open Lock scrolls.
    Teacher = Riordian (Silbach) via “The Art of Writing” quest.
  6. Complete contracts from “Wanted” posters from Noticeboards at the City and Silbach. They renew in every chapter. 200-600 GP each.
  7. Sell stuff to certain traders from “Demands” posters from Noticeboards at the City and Silbach. They renew in every chapter.
  8. learn Pickpocket skill and pick a pockets!
    Teachers =
  9. a book “The Basics of Pickpocketing” at the tiny camp of 3 bandits northern of road between Lurkers’ Coast and Silbach near mountain wall;
  10. a book “The Basics of Pickpocketing” under the bed of Rasco (Silbah);
  11. a book “The Basics of Pickpocketing” as reward for “Help Otho” quest at Silbach (by Otho’s side);
  12. a book “The Basics of Pickpocketing” that have someone of The City traders (I do not remember who exactly);
  13. Borr (The City, just west of harbor, at slums).

pickpocketing lvl1 seems to be enough, because learning lvl2 / lvl3 requires too much — 5LP+650GP / 10LP+1200GP — but profit of them is not so high, at least at first time when every LP is extremely valuable.

  1. crafting and selling Judge’s Staffs.
    1. learn Extracting for extracting ore from deposits and for earning wood from fallen trees. Learning this requires 0 (zero) LPs but only money.
      Teachers = Dismas (Silbach, up to 30% skill), Dack (The City, harbor, up to 90% skill).
    2. learn Forge weapons level 1.
      Teachers = Thorsten (Silbach), Odgar (The City).
    3. buy recipe of Judge’s Staff.
    4. craft and sell these staffs.
      Cost of 1 staff = 2 iron nuggets + 2 wood for weapons crafting.
      Price of 1 staff = 60 GP.
  2. (Chapter 2+) Very profitable, but requires many resources and trophies (requires learning skin animals and Extraction): if you are apprentice of bowyer OR blacksmith, there is an option in dialog menu “I have a weapon for sell“. Through it you can sell exemplar of every crafted weapon once for very good money (50% of value, it is 150-2000 gold each). So it is very useful to learn every weapon recipe (they are cheap) you found/bought, craft a weapon and sell it to your master.
  3. (Chapter 2+) collect old coins and bring them to Miron, keeper of Museum “Shadows of the Past” in the City.
    1 old coin = 2 common coins. Also, Miron has some rewards for you after first 40 old coins received and then after every 25 old coins.
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  • The City, Artisans District, blacksmith Odgar;
  • The City, merchant’s square, center of square (where two traders) — left Trader;
  • The City, Harbor, Walter the blacksmith;
  • The City, Slums, Dorran the blacksmith;
  • Southern Marshes, Suspicious Trader (Petra) (Chapter 4);
  • in the vicinty of Wolf’s Den, Lucy the daughter of master-hunter;
  • Wolf’s Den, near tavern, Gretel the traderess;
  • Wolf’s Den, smithy, Einar the blacksmith;


  • “apprentice product” (exemplar of crafted weapon) can be sold to your master only once — blacksmith/bowyer will pay 150-2000 gold per exemplar (in dependency of “level” of weapon).
    As common product you can sell your crafted weapon in unlimited quantity to any trader, but for “common” price.
    For example, you could sell
    – Javelin as “apprentice product” for 400 gold, but only once;
    – Javelin as common crafted product for 70 gold, unlimited pcs.
  • https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2702668606

Natural resources and their restore.

Usable world resources at Archolos:

  1. metals like magic ore, iron ore, silver ore, gold ore from deposits;
  2. wood for woodcrafting from fallen trees;
  3. grapes from big bushes of grapes at vineyards;
  4. trophies from fauna (mammals, reptiles, birds, insects);

Abiotic natural resources restore in Chapter 3 and Chapter 5.
It is reasonable to “harvest” all fallen trees and ore deposits (and grapes if needed) before progressing to those chapters!

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  • Silver deposits at the Silver Mine of Wolf’s Den DOESN’T restores.
  • Golden deposits at the Golden Mine DOESN’T restores by default in start of Chapter 3. They say that it’s restore after you got sent in the Mine by Araxos guild (they send you once or twice at that chapter, it depends of how you success in first time).

Biotic resources (fauna) and undeads restores in EVERY chapter. New creatures doesn’t “overwrite” already existed creatures.
N.B. I also noticed that not all monsters groups are updated ever, mainly in some special locations.

Map of deposits and fallen trees

Click on it, to open in full-size resolution if needed:

(spoilers!) Detailed description of magic ore deposits, for example, can be found there: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1467450/discussions/0/3198117312261573172/

Regarding the quest mine “3” near the CIty (bottom of canyon with waterfall, accessible in Chapter 3 via quest named “New to Archolos?”), appreciate @Smartik1 for next information:
there are 10 mineable spots but only 1 hit each, which gives 1-2 iron nuggets, as result in average you will receive 18 ores total which is equivalent to ~3 “common” deposits. Also there 4 (depleted) deposits occupied by NPC miners.

The Golden Mine of Merchants Guild

My first “crusade” to the Mine was in Chapter 2.
Before I signed the contract and went down to the Mine, I had 95% of Extraction skill.
It is highly recommend to process all the gold deposits in the Mine.
With 100% of Extraction skill you can receive 5-10 gold nuggets per gold deposit.

My expenses of gold nuggets inside the Mine were:
-5 nuggets for upgrading extraction skill from 95% to 100%;
-14 nuggets for 2 night of good sleep in comfortable bed to restore energy and full HP;
-28 nuggets for 7 pickaxes;
-2 nuggets for guard in one of drifts of the Mine;
-5 nuggets to bribe guard for access to low levels of the Mine;
-4 nuggets as help to one of diggers.

Completed all quests, except of access to next floor of main building (maybe it is accessible for only guild members?).
Before leaving the Mine I had 117 gold nuggets and some other stuff: 4 pick-axes, crossbow, bow, staff, wolf knife, branches, meals and so on.
On the exit according to contract I received 50% of mined gold nuggets — 58 pcs.

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You may exchange 1 gold nugget for 14 gold coins at local blacksmith.
But.. IMPORTANT: If you play STR/DEX builds, you are better off spending ALL the gold nuggets on BAGS OF SNACKS inside the Mine (trader Heisner) and consuming the apples for STR / raspberries for DEX.
1 bag of snacks (3 gold nuggets) contain 2 apples, 2 raspberries and other meal.
You get a stat point every 25 apples/raspberries. In that way you’ll get +5 to both STR/DEX every time you go to the mine just from the snacks. You get over 100 of each of the fruits to consume from the packs. This way you are not giving up half your ores when you exit. I tend to walk out with 1 ore and with 50% cost they take nothing at all. This is better than getting money to buy perma potions.


  1. there is 23+ gold deposit in the Golden Mine;
  2. take pick axes from outside, do not waste nuggets inside;
  3. some quantity of gold nuggets can be “extracted” from pockets of miners and guards, so it is useful to learn Pickpocket skill before enter the Mine.
  4. Regarding to Extraction skill:
  5. You can raise it up up to 30% from Dismas, extraction trainer in Silbach.
  6. You can raise it up to 90% from Dack, extraction trainer in the City docks/shipyard.
  7. You can raise it up to 100% from Loafs, extraction trainer in the Mine.
    This way you pay money in advance, but you get a lot more gold ore for trading from the mine.
  8. Membership of Araxos Guilds allows to take 75% of mined nuggets out of the mine.
  9. if you are competent in combat, you can refuse to pay after you sleep in “comfort bed” there for the first time. If you can defeat the guard that asks you for money in a 1v1 duel (he attacks when you refuse to pay), you will never be asked to pay again.
  10. also you can use common bed + drinking water from barrel to restore HP, not paying for “comfort bed”. Bur drinking water from a barrels works only 1 time per day, bear it in mind.
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