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The Division 2: Best of the Best Achievement Guide

Best of the Best Achievement Guide

Best of the Best
Invest in each type of upgrade available for a specialization.

Specializations unlock after beating the story (earned trophy “State of the Union”). Simply talk to the Quartermaster at the White House after the story and equip 1 of the 3 specialization options. You can switch between them at any time.

Pick and specialization and stick with it. The reason being that you only earn points for the one specialization that you have equipped. E.g. if you pick Demolisher (Grenade Launcher) you’re only going to get points for that class and not for other classes.

You gain Specialization Points by leveling up, by doing Bounties and Invaded Missions (marked red on the map). Technically, level 30 is the maximum but the XP bar keeps going up. Instead of levels it will award you with Specialization Points and Proficiency Caches.

For this trophy you only need to invest in 1 upgrade of each branch. Some upgrades have multiple levels, i.e. you can buy the same upgrade 5 times to make it better. This is not needed, only the first level of the upgrade is needed. And you only need to do this for ONE Specialization class (Demolisher / Survivalist / Sharpshooter).

After the story just keep doing Invaded Missions and daily Bounties to get specialization points quickly.

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