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The Division 2: Big Game Hunter Achievement Guide

Big Game Hunter Achievement Guide

Big Game Hunter
Complete a bounty from each safe house.

Go to every safe house and look at the message board inside, from there you can start bounties. Do one bounty of each safe house (9 Safe Houses total). They get marked on your map automatically when you visit the district.

Below they are ordered by district:

  1. Downtown East Safe House
  2. Judiciary Square Safe House
  3. Federal Triangle Safe House
  4. East Mall Safe House
  5. Southwest Safe House
  6. West Potomac Park Safe House
  7. Constitution Hall Safe House
  8. Foggy Bottom Safe House
  9. West End Safe House

The bounties are timed tasks where you have you track down and kill one enemy. These enemies get marked for you on the map of course.

*Bugged Trophy*

There are multiple reports about this trophy not unlocking. One possible cause could be if you die during the “Bounty Complete” screen. Bounty targets are guarded by weaker mobs of enemies. It’s recommended to clear out the mobs first so nothing can kill you anymore after defeating the bounty target. This can help ensure proper tracking of the completed bounties. If the trophy doesn’t unlock your best bet is to start a new character or make a new Uplay account.

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