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The Division 2: Dark Zone Blackout Hijack Achievement Guide

Dark Zone Blackout Hijack Achievement Guide

Dark Zone: Blackout Hijack
Hijack an extraction in any dark zone during a blackout.

Step 1 – Go to the Occupied Dark Zone Extraction Point: Each day 1 of the 3 available Dark Zones will be “Occupied”. This is random and changes every day (real time calendar days, not in-game days). The Occupied Dark Zone is always the toughest but also has the best loot drops. The Occupied Dark Zone will have a red dagger icon on the map: . When you scroll over it, it will also say “Occupied Dark Zone” in the text box in the top right corner. Head to the extraction point of such a zone.

Step 2 – During Extraction (with other players) kill the Robot Dog: First you or someone else will have to call an extraction helicopter. Go to the extraction point and hold Square to call the helicopter. During extraction waves of enemies will spawn and attack your position. What’s special about the “Occupied” Dark Zone is that it can spawn a Robot Dog during Extraction attempts (about 30% chance). It’s a 4-legged robot with a mini-turret on its back. You must destroy the robot dog within 20 meters of the extraction. It will explode and cause an EMP blackout, meaning it disables the skills of all players in the area. This is the “blackout” requirement for the trophy. Make sure you kill the robot dog in close proximity to the helicopter landing spot. You can kill it before the helicopter arrives, that’s totally fine. If you kill it after the helicopter arrives that’s fine too, doesn’t matter. Personally, I killed it a few seconds before the helicopter arrived. If no robot dog spawns you need to try in a new extraction. I got it to spawn in the South DZ (north extraction there) as well as West DZ (north extraction there). Alternatively, it also works to lure a robot dog from a random enemy group to the extraction point.

Step 3 – Cut the Rope of Helicopter: After another player has attached their contaminated loot to the helicopter, hold Triangle to cut the rope! This will let you hijack / steal the loot of others and unlocks the trophy. This requires other players to be at the extraction with you and they have to extract their contaminated loot. They can’t kill you while you cut the rope.

Easy way to boost this: Invite a friend and go to the Occupied Dark Zone together. Kill enemies until your friend gets contaminated loot (in inventory top right corner where it says 0/5). Go to extraction point, call helicopter and defeat the robot dog. Your friend must now leave the group before attaching his loot to the helicopter. Then you simply cut the rope to get the trophy. If no robot dog spawns, let the helicopter go away and call for extraction again until it spawns.

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