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The Division 2: Hard as Nails Achievement Guide

Hard as Nails Achievement Guide

Hard as Nails
Finish all missions on hard difficulty or above.

After completing all missions for the first time, you must replay them again on hard difficulty. Hard is not available on first playthrough of a mission (only on replay).

You do this by scrolling over the mission on the world map and holding Triangle to change difficulty to hard. On hard difficulty more Veteran enemies will spawn so come well equipped! It’s best to do this after the story when you’re level 30 and have good gear. It’s recommended to play in a group so you can revive each other. Make use of the matchmaking function at the mission start or by pressing Triangle while highlighting the mission on the world map.It will count for all players in the group. You don’t have to be the host, it also counts when you’re the joining player.

For the 3 strongholds it’s a bit more complicated. After finishing the story they will be retaken by enemies. To unlock their hard difficulty you must capture them a second time. This means you have to reach World Tier 4 in the endgame first. On each tier you get to retake one Outpost. The way the endgame works is that some main missions get invaded. You redo those main missions and can then retake one outpost. After this the map upgrades to the next highest tier. Tier 4 is the highest tier at time of the game’s release (as of March 15th, 2019). It takes around 4 hours per world tier, meaning 12 hours to World Tier 4 after the story.

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You also need to clear certain invaded main missions again after the story to unlock their hard difficulty! This is because enemies retake the mission-related buildings and you must then beat them on Normal difficulty to unlock the Hard difficulty version in the endgame.

Workaround to do it without this grind: If you have a friend who’s already World Tier 4, you can simply have them host the match and let them invite you to the hard difficulty strongholds / main missions. Even if you haven’t unlocked those missions on hard it will still count, that’s how I did it. I hadn’t cleared a single invaded main mission. I was still World Tier 1 and a friend invited me to his game. Me and my friend both got the trophy, even though hard difficulty was still locked in my game (missions were invaded / colored red and strongholds unavailable).

Here’s the full list of main missions you need to beat on hard. Make sure you write down which ones you have completed on hard so you don’t lose track (or cross them off on a sheet of paper):

Strongholds are mandatory too! Not required are the Tidal Basin raid and side missions. Just main missions and strongholds are needed.

  1. Grand Washington Hotel
  2. Jefferson Trade Center
  3. ViewPoint Museum
  4. American History Museum
  5. Air & Space Museum
  6. Space Administration HQ
  7. Jefferson Plaza
  8. Bank Headquarters
  9. DCD Headquarters
  10. Lincoln Memorial
  11. Potomac Event Center
  12. Federal Emergency Bunker
  13. District Union Arena (Stronghold)
  14. Roosevelt Island (Stronghold)
  15. Capitol Building (Stronghold)
  16. Tidal Basin (not sure if this is needed because it’s an endgame stronghold, this is still undergoing confirmation)
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Trophy Glitch Warning: If you get disconnected during a mission it will NOT count for you! If it happens you have to replay the mission from scratch on hard difficulty. Same goes for any friends who play with you, if they get disconnected it won’t count the mission for them either. So when you write down which missions you did, also note if you got disconnected or redo the mission right away. Also watch out that it shows the “Mission Complete” at the end of every mission and also run out to the exit. Especially in Lincoln Memorial this is easy to miss because the mission doesn’t complete until you run out of the building and gather in front of the Lincoln Statue. If the “Mission Complete” doesn’t show it didn’t count so keep track very carefully.

Furthermore, if you joined the mission in progress it might not count for you either. If you did all of them and the trophy hasn’t popped, replay the ones where you got disconnected or weren’t there from the start.

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