The Division 2 Perks Guide: All Armor and Weapon Perks

The Division 2

Both Weapon Talents and Armor Talents have been reintroduced in Division 2. These work in a similar way they did before with slight changes. Here is everything you need to know about them.

The Division 2 Perks

Each weapon or armor comes with a predefined set of Talents; you have to reach a certain threshold in order to unlock them.

They can be unlocked the kind of the same way they did in Division 1 where you had to increase enough of the 3 core player stats i.e. Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics. However, in the new game the method has become somewhat complicated.

In Division 2, the name of the 3 main player stats has been changed to Offense, Defense, and Skills respectively.

These can be increased by equipping gear. Each piece of gear might give you some number of attributes and for each set you wear they stack up.

For example, if you are wearing a mask that gives you 1 Defense and 1 Offense and a vest that gives you 1 Offense and 1 Skill, your overall attributes will be 1 Defense, 2 Offense and 1 Skill.

These are represented by the symbols with a number in the inventory around your level.

Moving on, where these come in handy is, in your inventory when you click on a weapon or a gear, look on the right tab, scroll down and you will be able to see the Talents with the requirements.

The requirements are basically the amount of Defense, Offense or Skill attributes a player must acquire before he can unlock the Talent for the gun.

Also, keep in mind that, some Talents do not have any requirements at all. We have listed below, the Talents available in Division 2 Beta; however, there may be more in the real game.

Weapon Talents

Accurate+15% Accuracy.
Allegro+10% Rate of Fire.
BreadbasketHitting the opponent in any body part (aside from the head) gives +5% critical hit damage, placed on the first hit in the head. The effect can stack up to 10 times.
CannonWhen a weapon is equipped, increases the range of throw by 10%.
CauterizeDamage done to targets on Fire for 5% of damage done.
Close & PersonalKilling an enemy in a range of 7 meters gives +35% bonus damage for 7 seconds.
Distance+15% Optimal Range.
Double DutyWhen the weapon is holstered, reloading the main weapon reloads the secondary weapon.
EverlastingWhen the weapon is holstered, staying behind cover regenerates ammunition.
Extra+10% Magazine Capacity.
EyelessDeals +10% damage to Blinded opponents.
Fast HandsCritical hits give 3% Reload Speed. The effect stacks up to 20 times.
First BloodThe first bullet fired from a full magazine deals increased damage.
GreasedWhen the weapon is holstered, the character receives 10% Weapon Swap Speed.
HemorrhageKilling a bleeding target increases critical hit chance by 25% for all group members for 10 seconds.
IgnitedDeals +10% damage to Burning enemies.
In RhythmWhen a weapon is equipped, killing an opponent lowers the renewal time of your abilities.
Jazz Hands+10% Reload Speed.
KillerKilling an enemy using a critical hit increases the chance of a critical hit by 50% for 5 seconds.
Kill ConfirmedHeadshot kills grant +10% damage, stacks up to 10 times. All non headshots reset the bonus. REQUIRES Over +140% HSD.
Loaded for Bear (or Lock and Load)Reloading from empty increases weapon damage by 20% for 5 seconds.
Lucky ShotIncreases the mag capacity and makes shots fired from a cover have a chance of not using a bullet in the mag.
MeasuredThe upper part of the clip (from +50% up) offers +15% Rate of Fire and -20% weapon damage, the bottom part of the clip (from 0 to 50%) offers -25% Rate of Fire and +20% weapon damage.
On EmptyReloading an empty clip gives +30% Weapon Handling.
OptimistIncreases the damage dealt by the weapon as the clip empties. The damage increased depends on the type of weapon.
Optimized+15% Weapon Handling
PerpetuationKilling through a headshot extends the active time of the ability by 5% for 5 seconds.
PreservationKilling an enemy fix 5% of armor for 3 seconds. Killing an enemy through a headshot enhances the effect.
Protected ReloadMakes the character receive +10% of armor during reloading.
PummelIf 3 body shots kill 3 opponents, the clip will be renewed, while the character receives +50% of damage dealt by the weapon.
PyromaniacDamage done to targets on fire is increased by 15% REQUIRES Over +10% Weapon Damage.
RangerEvery 10 meters between the player and the target increases the damage dealt by 2%.
RechargedKilling an enemy behind cover gives a chance of renewing the ability.
ReformationKilling an enemy through a headshot increases the effectiveness of Repair and Healing by 25% for 25 seconds.
RiflemanHitting an enemy in the head gives +10% weapon damage for 5 seconds. The effect stacks up 5 times, while further headshots refresh the ability. Hitting a different body part removes the bonus.
RootedAbilities activated behind a cover have greater power.
SadistDeals +10% damage to Bleeding opponents.
SalvageKilling an opponent gives 50% chance of renewing the clip.
SpikeKilling an enemy through a headshot increases the damage dealt by abilities by 25% for 10 seconds.
Stable+15% Stability.
Steady HandedHitting an opponent gives +2% Weapon Handling. The effect stacks up to 15 times. At 15 charges, each hit has a chance of using up the charges and renewing the clip.
Stop, Drop and RollWhen the weapon is equipped, performing a roll removes Burn, Bleed, and Poison effects. The effect can be activated once for 60 seconds.
Strained+10% critical damage for each 5% of missing armor. Maximum bonus is 200% critical damage.
TransmissionWhen the weapon is holstered, Shock is given to a nearby enemy in a radius of 10 meters. The effect is activated once for 60 seconds.
UnhingedGives 10% bonus to damage dealt with a 50% penalty to Weapon Handling.
UnrelentingHitting enemies increase hit chance by 5%. This bonus stacks up to 10 times. Missing a target remove all stacks. REQUIRES (requirements not seen)
VindictiveKilling an enemy when the character has a negative status makes the whole team in a radius of 15 meters receive +20% chance of a critical hit for 10 seconds.
ZenWhen the weapon is equipped, hiding behind cover for 3 seconds removes Blind and Disorient effects.

Armor Talents

Berserk+10% damage for each 10% of missing armor.
Capacitive+20% Skill Duration.
CenteredKilling an enemy through a headshot gives you invulnerability to negative statuses for 10 seconds.
CloakedWhen the armor is depleted, enemy abilities won’t be able to track you.
Creeping DeathNegative statuses are dealt to nearby enemies in the radius of 10 meters. The effect is activated once for 15 seconds.
Critical+8% CHD
Destructive+20% Explosive Damage.
Devastating+5% Weapon Damage
Empowered+10% Skill Power
EntrenchHeadshots landed when staying behind cover renew 5% of your armor.
GunslingerChanging the weapon for the secondary one in 3 seconds after killing an opponent refills the clip of that weapon and gives +20% of additional damage for the whole clip.
Hard Hitting Hardened+15% Damage to Elites. +10% to Armor.
Hit & RunMelee kills grant a speed boost for 2 seconds. REQUIRES Under 70000 Armor.
Insulated+10% Hazard Protection.
Mad BomberIncreases the range of grenades by 150%. If the grenade kills its target, it will be renewed.
ObliterateDestroying enemy armor gives +25% of critical damage for 5 seconds.
On the Ropes+25 Weapon Damage when all skills are renewing or their charges are depleted.
PatienceWhen the character is behind cover for at least 3 seconds, he renews 5% of his armor every 1 second.
Precise+15% Headshot Damage
Rapid10% skill cooldown reduction
Restorative+10% health points for killing an enemy.
SafeguardKilling an enemy gives a 150% bonus to repair and healing for 20 seconds.
Self Adjusting+20% Armor Regeneration.
SkilledKilling an enemy using an ability gives a 35% chance of resetting the renew time of all abilities.
Spotter+10% damage against enemies marked by Pulse.
Steady NervesDestroying Armor or Weak Points grants 50% Weapon Stability for 4 seconds. REQUIRES No full auto weapons equipped.
Striking+15% DTE
Surge+10% Skill Haste.
Surgical+8% Critical Hit Chance
TerminateDestroying enemy armor gives the character +35% damage from abilities for 15 seconds.
To OrderEnables the player to “cook” grenades by holding the throw button, making them explode faster, giving the enemy less time to react.
UnbreakableRenews 25% armor when armor is depleted. Armor Kits used in the next 5 seconds are not used.
Unstoppable ForceKilling an enemy gives +2% of weapon damage for every 10,000 armor points. The effect stacks up to 20 times.
Vital+20% health points.

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