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The Division 2: Resourceful Agent Achievement Guide

Resourceful Agent Achievement Guide

Resourceful Agent
Help friendlies in resource gathering.

Step 1: Fast Travel to The Theater Settlement. Run around the streets (outside settlement) once and look for a group of friendlies that has “En Route to Gather” above their heads when you aim at them. If you can’t find anyone, fast travel back to The Theater and run around the settlement again. Repeat this until you find a group that’s on their way to gather something.

Step 2: Follow them to their destination.

Step 3: Wait for them to enter the location. One of the looters will have the option to press a button prompt. This gives them materials and unlocks the trophy for you.

You can also encounter groups of friendly gatherers randomly while exploring the world. By following them from the settlement it’s less random though. If you can’t find anyone around the settlement then just keep playing normally and watch out for friendlies running across the streets. Aim at them to check their status. If it says “En Route to Gather” then follow them.

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