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The Division 2: Taste of the Exotic Achievement Guide

Taste of the Exotic Achievement Guide

Taste of the Exotic
Craft an exotic weapon or item.

The easiest way is to craft the exotic D50 Desert Eagle. It’s important that you have a high-end (yellow rarity) D50 Pistol because it’s needed to craft it into the Exotic version. Watch out for this from the beginning of the game! Otherwise you might end up having to farm for it forever. There are multiple steps to craft the exotic D50.

1- Beat the story. During the final story mission “The Capitol Stronghold” an exotic Pistol Trigger will drop from an elite enemy. This is the 1st of 4 exotic parts needed to craft the Exotic D50 Desert Eagle Pistol.

2- The following main missions will drop the remaining 3 exotic Pistol Parts ONLY ON HARD DIFFICULTY OR CHALLENGE DIFFICULTY: ViewPoint Museum, American History Museum, Space Administration HQ. They are drops from the endboss of these missions. They are not guaranteed drops! There’s only a chance for it to drop and you may have to replay these missions multiple times. It’s highly recommended to do these missions on HARD since it’s way easier than CHALLENGE difficulty. To change a mission’s difficulty, simply scroll over it on the map and hold Triangle.

3- After the 4th pistol part drops it also drops the blueprint for Exotic D50 along with it (automatic guaranteed drop). Return to the workbench at the White House. Upgrade the Workbench until it lets you craft high-end items, then it also lets you craft Exotics. There’s no need to get the endgame bench upgrades of higher Tier since they only upgrade the gear level but not the rarity you can craft. Now you just need a high-end (yellow rarity) D50. If you watched out for this from the beginning of the game you should have it. Otherwise your best bet is to farm Dark Zones until it drops. With the high-end D50 + 4 pistol parts you can craft this exotic weapon and unlock the trophy. Unfortunately, the “Survivalist D50” that you get from the Survivalist skill branch does not work for this, it has to be a normal D50 found from random drops.

Note: This info is based on the day-one version of the game (as of March 15th, 2019). Higher World Tiers will be added in the future and new Exotics will be introduced. Just at time of release this is the only reliable method to craft an exotic. There are also exotic bounties in the game that can drop ingredients for exotic crafting (you get exotic bounties after clearing all other bounties).

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