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The Elder Scrolls Online Beginner Guide to Daily Must Do’s

A perfectly condensed beginners guide of things you should do daily if you want to maximize your time and the benefits that Zenimax offers you.

Beginner Guide to Daily Must Do’s

Daily login reward – check your notifications when you login to obtain your daily reward or press “,” by default and go to the 4th tab in. best reward is usually on day 21 so you can miss about 9 days a month and still get the best reward.

Mount upgrades – Go to the stable master in any town and level up speed, stamina, and carry capacity (recommended in that order) one point every 20 hours at the cost of 250 gold. If you are a vampire the stablemaster will not talk to you at a certain level. Feel free to go to coldharbour to bypass this inconvenience. Mount upgrades are character bound so do them with all characters each day.

Daily writs – daily writs like researching traits, is done at crafting stations. Get your writ quest first from writ boards found by crafting stations, then Knock them out at the same time. For new people, go to Danel Telleno at Mages Guildhall and Millenith at fighters guild in Vulkhel Guard, Davon’s Watch, or Daggerfall. This gets you certified for writs. Many addons help with this process.

Research traits – There are 4 crafting stations with research capabilities. Blacksmithing & clothing have 7 weapons and 7 armor pieces each, woodworking has 4 weapons and 1 armor, and jewelry has 2 rings and necklaces. there are 9 traits that can be researched for each of these 35 weapons, armor pieces, and jewelry. Researching them allows you to create your own pieces with these traits in the future. At best you can have 3 things researching at a time per crafting station. Always have them going.

Pledges – This involves doing dungeons. There are 3 available dungeon quests each day. You can obtain these quests at Wayrest Stormhaven, Mournhold Deshaan, or Elden Root Grahtwood. For new people, first obtain level 45 and go to the tavern in the main city of each zone. You will unlock the undaunted skill line and the ability to do pledges.

Daily group activity – Your first random or veteran dungeon, as well as first battleground activity of the day, rewards extra EXP and other items. Press “p” by default to start these daily quests. Because the random quest you could get might be one of the three pledges, always get your pledge quest first, then queue up your random dungeon.

Tales of Tribute – There are 2 repeatable quests for this deckbuilding aspect of ESO. Do the tutorial in Gonfalon Bay. Then you will gain access to these quests

Endeavors – there are 3 daily endeavor quests and 1 weekly quest that can be found by pressing “p” by default. These seals of endeavor that you obtain can then be spend by pressing “,” by default, 2nd tab in.

Bonus tips

1. If you have a new character have an experienced person group with you and have them port to a way shrine in each zone. Follow them by pressing “O”, right clicking their name and “travel to player”. Now your new character has at least 1 way shrine unlocked in each zone making it much easier to get around. Alternatively, join a large guild. You can press “G” and port to these players for free at anytime making it easy to get around. Never pay for way shrines unless money means nothing to you.

2. If you’re less than CP 160 always break down your equipment you obtain into parts. Once you hit CP 160 you can still do this, but be more cautious to not break them down, or equip them unless you truly want them bound to only you. Items at CP 160 should be sold in guilds if you don’t want them for yourself or want to break them down.

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