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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – How to Disable the Compass

This is a very short guide I made to show you how to quickly disable Skyrim’s compass. You can surely find these informations on the internet almost as quick, but I thought it’s useful to have access to this on Steam as well.

Removing the compass

Of course there’s many modes covering the topic, but this way is much easier if you don’t want to download modes and don’t mind going through game’s files. So whether you want to have better roleplaying experience, take screenshot without the compass or it’s just bothering you for any reason, keep reading.

First, you need to access the SkyrimPrefs.ini file. Its location may vary, depending on where you saved your files. Usualy it should be in Documents > My Games > Skyrim.

Once you found the file, open SkyrimPrefs and search for the [Interface] part. It looks like this:

  • bDialogueSubtitles=1
  • bGeneralSubtitles=1
  • fMouseCursorSpeed=1.0000
  • bShowCompass=1

Now just overwrite the 1 to 0 in the bShowCompass= part, save and run your game again. The compass will be no longer visible. If you want to turn it back again, just type 1 instead of 0 (and save). Be careful not to rewrite anything else, since it might damage the game.

And enjoy your compassless Skyrim experience!

Written by Wynill

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