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The Elephant Collection Hints for Finding 6-Digit Codes

For those who wish to find the hidden codes themselves but don’t want to outright find out the key codes, here are some hints!

The Elephant Collection Hints for Finding 6-Digit Codes

If you have clicked on this guide, you might have found some interesting codes scattered about the game and are wondering how to find the rest. This guide will give hints that do not spoil the code itself but will try and nudge you in the right direction.

Some games will have them displayed blatantly while others are somewhat hidden. For those games, there will be spoilers hiding hints for each game, with hints that gradually give away the position where the codes can be found.

Codes That Show Up When the Game is Cleared

The codes show up for the following games after completing them.

  • Elephant Rave
  • Achievement Unlocked
  • This is the Only Level
  • OBEY: the game
  • Achievement Unlocked 2
  • Run Elephant Run (on Insane difficulty)

Codes Hidden in Games

The codes are hidden in the following games:

  • This is the Only Level Too
  • This is the Only Level 3
  • Elephant Quest
  • Achievement Unlocked 3

Each game will have its own hints, with the last hint giving away its location directly.

This is the Only Level Too

  • In a room with a button far above
  • Lies a stage yet uncleared
  • Arrows shall guide the way
  • Jump into the arrow heading up that is on the undefined 31st experience tab.

This is the Only Level 3

  • In a room where nostalgia calls
  • Blinding lights shall ruin a rave
  • Hiding a message for the misunderstood
  • Read the scrolling text during Stage 9

Elephant Quest

  • A message from ages past can be seen
  • Near a mother with three lost cats
  • Drawn in chalk near the mouth of a cave
  • Look for an elephant drawing in the first room of the Caves (Area 22).

Achievement Unlocked 3

  • In the wired cage district of the Neon Tube Town
  • A path opened as the king’s third boon
  • Curious numbers and texts can be seen
  • On the top right corner of the stats bunker screen

How to Use the Codes?

You can type the codes in when you are in the House. A squeak sound will play if a code has been entered correctly. There is one code for each game in the collection. You do not have to enter the codes in any particular order, just putting all of them in any order will do.

Do make sure to be one of the 2~4th floors when you type the codes in though, otherwise you won’t be able to see the effect.

End note

This is my first time writing a guide, so I do apologize if the explanation came out quite crude! I avoided using images since I didn’t wish to give away the codes, and thought the text descriptions would do a better job at giving away the codes more subtly. Do be nice and avoid giving away the codes in the replies of this guide!

Other than that, I hope this guide has served you well, and happy code hunting!

Written by ordi

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