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Tools are items used to assist the player in certain tasks. Many of them are found scattered around the Peninsula (with some being crucial to plot-progression), while others can be crafted at any stage of the game. Most tools that can be held double as a weapon of varying strength and speed. These items can be used to fend off the cannibals and other enemies the player encounters.

Currently no tools are needed to construct buildings or to craft other items. However, specific tools, specifically axes, may be required to cut down trees to get the materials needed for a building. The first tool you obtainable in the game is the plane axe, which is can be found right after the introduction sequence.

Plane Axe – The plane axe is one of the first items the player picks up. After the plane crash, the axe can be found at the end of the aisle, embedded in a dead stewardess’ corpse. It can be picked up by simply walking over it, it will automatically pick up. This is a unique instance, it doesn’t happen with other items after leaving the plane.

Crafted Axe – Like the rusty axe, the crafted axe will chop down trees in 13 hits (9 for the modern axe, 17 for the plane axe). It can also be used to dismember dead corpses.

Rusty Axe – This axe is slower and deals less damage than the modern axe, but has higher knockdown power and the highest block level for a weapon, similar to the club and the turtle shell. This can be used to prevent all damage from cannibals and mutants when blocking. The rusty axe, like the crafted axe, will chop down a tree in 13 hits (9 for the modern axe, 17 for the plane axe). It can also be upgraded and combined with cloth to add extra burning damage. Like all other axes and the katana, it can be used to dismember dead corpses.

Modern Axe – The modern axe has a carbon steel head with a fiberglass shaft. It is the best available real axe for tree cutting in the game. When used as a weapon, it deals five bars of damage. The modern axe swings slower than the plane axe, but knocks down cannibals more often than its weaker counterparts. Possessing nine bars of block, equivalent to the crafted axe and Crafted Club, it blocks almost all damage. The rusty axe, turtle shell, and club will block 100% of damage however.

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Chainsaw – The chainsaw is a unique tool and weapon in that it does not require stamina to use and only requires holding down the attack button to operate. It is powered by fuel, which can be found in various locations around the Peninsula. In single player, fuel does now respawn once you reload or reenter a cave. The chainsaw is currently the best tool for cutting down trees and removing tree stumps. Cutting down trees with the chainsaw does not raise your strength and athleticism as much as using an Axe.

Upgraded Stick – The main purpose of the Upgraded Stick is to be used as a fire torch. It can be set on fire with the lighter to create a useful light source. A burning torch will also negate the cold and wet status. Once crafted, it will become a separate tool from regular sticks.

Crafted Club – Just as the cannibal Club, the Crafted Club is a slow weapon but deals significant damage to enemies, and is very efficient to block, it has the same block as the modern axe and the crafted axe. This weapon can also be upgraded, just like (as recently) the enemy’s club. Rarely, tougher cannibals like painted cannibals can be seen wielding a Crafted Club that can be looted upon death.

Flashlight – The flashlight emits a bright source of light when turned on, and it lasts for about 10 minutes. Unlike the lighter, its beam of light is brighter, white, and faces only the direction in which it is pointed. It can be found in caves. Before the tactical flashlight runs out of battery it will begin to flicker. If the tactical flashlight gets blood on it while fighting an enemy, its beam will become red and its brightness significantly increases, illuminating a wider area.

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Flare – Flares are a very useful in the caves, as they emit more light than the lighter and can be thrown away to distract cannibals. They don’t work underwater and thrown flares can’t be picked up again.

Flare Gun – When shot, a flare shoots out of the gun towards the direction the player is looking. The projectile flare can set plants on fire, granting the burning status effect, as well as cannibals, mutants, and animals. It is a very effective way of killing mutants, as it can set them on fire, although a single shot doesn’t deal the same amount as a thrown molotov.

Lighter – The lighter emits a small amount of light and is used to start fires and ignite effigies, molotovs or weapons that have been crafted with cloth. The player starts with the lighter, and it will never run out of uses. By default, the lighter can be equipped by pressing L. When held, the lighter may flicker on and off, showing the player to switch it back on (which is done automatically when it goes off). This can lead to some unpleasant situations, especially when the player is really in need of a light source.

Climbing Axe – It can be used to climb various rocky cliffs on the peninsula and specific walls in the caves. As a weapon, the climbing axe deals less damage than the plane axe, but swings fast like the Katana. It can be a useful weapon against fast and weak enemies, like starving cannibals. However, it cannot be upgraded. It can be used to chop limbs on cannibals corpses, but cannot be used to chop down trees.

Compass – The compass cannot be equipped with a lighter or flashlight. However, the letters on the compass glow in the dark, removing the need for a light source to illuminate it.

Map – It can be brought up by pressing the map key, M by default. Like the survival guide, it sports a clip-on reading light. The player’s current position is indicated with a red thumbtack. As of 0.65b, the game’s exploration objectives and achievements are tied to map completion rather than physical checkpoints, and players cannot make progress on these before they’ve obtained the map. Therefore, it is advisable to visit Cave 2 as soon as possible to minimize unnecessary backtracking.

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Pedometer – When held, the pedometer will display your current number of steps. It doesn’t need to be held permanently since it is counting your steps even while in your inventory.

Rebreather – The rebreather allows the player to dive underwater for extended periods of time by providing the ability use air canisters for breathing. There is currently only one hidden on the peninsula. When equipped, the player’s HUD changes and the field of vision is slightly impaired. The rebreather uses air canisters to be “charged”, which can be collected near many dive spots, for instance in the cave system and on the yacht. There are also two canisters directly next to the rebreather when you first find it. Right clicking the air canister will automatically equip it.

Repair Tool – The repair tool is a tool is used for repairing buildings and was a replacement for using sap. It is also very useful as a tool for clearing bush and collecting sticks from small trees as it swings very quickly, requires no stamina, and can be used while sprinting.

Waterskin – The Waterskin is a craftable portable water source, very handy if you are away from drinkable water. The waterskin can be used to collect either polluted or clean water, it can then be used from the inventory to quench thirst. When looking at your inventory, you will see what percentage the water skin is filled. Even if it is partially or completely filled, you can now equip the water skin using the left click button (it is no longer required to right click it onto the crafting mat first).

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