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The Good Life How to increase storage space

This guide will explain how to increase the slots in your storage.

About your storage shed

Increasing storage space

As you have probably noticed, Naomi’s garden comes with a storage shed. Sadly, this shed can initially only hold 50 items.

In this guide I will explain how to increase the amount of items you can store in your shed.

How do I upgrade my storage?

Increasing storage space

To upgrade your storage, you’ll have to find the various outdoor kitchens. You can recognize them on the map as a red tent symbol. Ingame, you’ll see a tent and a kitchen (they’re hard to miss).

To be able to use said outdoor kitchens, you’ll have to pay up! So far I have found kitchens costing £75 and £85.

Once you’ve paid for using them, you’ll notice you also get to use the storage box next to it. Not only do these boxes share the same space as your storage shed, they’ll also increase the total items both can hold by 50!

The more outdoor kitchens you unlock, the more storage space you’ll get.

Increasing storage space-1

The result

Increasing storage space-2

No more selling valuable items or stuffing your backpack!

Written by Yuna Potato