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The Isle Cheats and Console Commands

The Isle is intended to be a gritty, open-world survival horror game. Explore vast landscapes of dense forest and open plains, traverse treacherous mountains and wade through dark swamps where horrors lurk. Hidden within are ruins that hold insight as to what came before. Through it all, keep in mind there is only one goal: survive.

Admin Commands

Server admins are server staff with the ability to use certain powers/commands such as teleporting players, healing players, etc. The creator of the server can appoint admins. Admins basically have the server rules drilled into their brain and make sure everyone follows the rules. Every admin has a yellow username.

Here’s a list of all the admin commands and what they do. Note: Don’t include the braces when typing out the command!

/kick [player name] [reason]
Kick a player from the server for a specific reason.

/kickid [steam id] [reason]
Kick a player from the server using their steam id.

/ban [player name] [hours] [reason]
Ban a player from the server for a certain amount of hours.

/banid [steam id] [hours] [reason]
Ban a player using their steam id.

/unban [steam id]
Unban a player.

/announce [message]
Make a announcement to the server that everyone can see.

/heal [player name]
Heal a broken leg or hunger and thirst.

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/slay [player name]
Kill a player; useful if someone wants to change dinos.

/goto [player name]
Teleport to a player’s position; Useful if someone gets lost or stuck.

/bring [player name]
Vice versa; Teleport a player to your position.

/time [hour]
Change in-game time by hour.

/grow [player name]
Grow yourself or other players to the next stage (They have to click “Growth” still). Player is automatically healed.

/weather [condition]
Change the weather.

Things to Remember

Here are a few things you should remember:

  1. Like I already mentioned, do not type the braces when typing out commands
    Example: /weather rain instead of /weather [rain]
  2. You can kick or ban a player using their player name or steam id, not both
  3. Most servers have consequences for admins that abuse these commands
    Example: Teleporting to a player’s position to kill them for food
  4. Make sure there is not a space between / and the command
    Example: /time day instead of / time day
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  1. I believe that the isle’s dev console is currently disabled for admins. If it is not, care to tell me how to enable it? My tilde` key does nothing.


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