The Isle: Juvenile Sub Adult Stats

The Isle Juvenile Sub Adult Stats

Here you can see the stats of the Juveniles from The Isle.


Dryo: 2
Carno: 15h
Galli: 15 (but i think it does no damage atm)
Trike: 20
Maia: 25
Diablo: 30
Old Allo: 60
Carno (Sub): 60
Utah: 60
Rex: 70
Allo: 80
Trike (Sub): 100
Giga: 150
Rex (Sub): 200
Giga (Sub): 250

Weight Mass

Dryo: 50kg
Galli: 148kg
Utah: 250kg
Carno: 350kg
Maia: 750kg
Trike: 760kg
Diablo: 950kg
Rex: 984kg
Old Allo: 1050kg
Allo: 1100kg
Carno (Sub): 1250kg
Giga: 1.6t
Giga (Sub): 2.6t
Rex (Sub): 2.9t
Trike (Sub): 3.6t


Trike: 2m
Utah: 2m
Carno: 3m
Dryo: 3m
Diablo: 4m
Dilo: 4m
Galli: 4m
Trike (Sub): 4m
Allo: 5m
Carno (Sub): 5m
Cerato: 5m
Giga: 5m
Maia: 5m
Para: 5m
Rex: 5m
Old Allo: 6m
Giga (Sub): 7m
Rex (Sub): 7m

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