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The Messenger – Getting All Achievements

In this guide you will find information about all achievements in the game and how to unlock them.

All Achievements

You Said This Was A Platformer, Fine, I Won’t Open It, Bait Taken

Secret achievements. You have to interact with the closet at the special moments of the game.

Wheelin’ And Sealin’

Destroy all Power Seals. They can be found in the special secret rooms.

Well, That Was Unsightly

Run from the Abomination in the Corrupted Future location and survive (to get there you need to kill Demon King and take his Crown).

Welco Metot Henex Tlevel

Destroy all Power Seals, open the chest in the shop, keep a windmill shuriken going for 15 seconds.

Was That A Dragon?

Beat the Sky Ruins location boss.

Walking On Air

Execute 15 Cloudsteps without landing or clinging to a wall.

Tumble Hijinx

Bump on a few flowers in Rivière Turquoise location.

The Lava Is Floor

Obtain Shoes-With-Which-You-Can-Run-On-Fluids and run on lava.

The Fake Ending Was Better

Just complete the game.

Sweet 16!

Beat the Arcane Golem and time travel to future.

Sun And Moon

Take the Key of Love in the Sunken Shrine.

Started From The Bottom

Buy all upgrades from the shop.

One Hit Wonder

Buy a special upgrade in the shop and kill a green demon in a single hit.

Nothing To Fear

Rescue all Phobekins in the secret rooms.

Not With THAT Altitude

Beat the Forlorn Temple location boss.

No Argument Here

Make it from the beginning of the game to beating the Queen of Quills with zero deaths.

My Bad!

Beat the Howling Grotto location boss.

More like EleMENTAL SKylands

Complete the Elemental Skylands location.

More Like ‘Dumb In General’

Beat the Underworld location boss.

Man’s Best Fred

Just beat the Demon General and watch some cutscenes.

Losing Weight, Gaining Ground

Buy five upgrades in the shop.

Leg Day

Beat the Searing Crags location boss.

It Sounds Better On Vinyl

Bring all the Keys to the Prophet.

I’ve Been Around

Enter all areas of the world.

I’m Your Biggest Phan

Beat the Music Box location boss.

I Swear It’s My First Time

Make it through Dark Cave without the Power of True Sight. More information here.

I Quill Survive

Beat the Quillshroom Marsh location boss.

How Ninja Is That?

Buy a special upgrade in the shop and attack your first enemy projectile.

Hope This Phelps

Buy the Swim Dash upgrade from the shop.

Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

Make it out of the underwater labyrinth in the Howling Grotto location.

Glacial Peaked

Complete the Glacial Peak location.

Eye Of The Shareholder

Just die.

Enter The Ninja

Just complete the intro.

Dungeon Brawler

Beat the Catacombs location boss.

Did The Thing

Beat the Tower of Time location boss.

Deposit At The River Bank

Complete the Bamboo Creek location.

Challenge Expected

Destroy your first Power Seal.

Be Lootful And Multiply

Destroy your first Big Time Shard.

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