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The Outer Worlds A Family Matter Quest Guide

The majority of side quests in The Outer Worlds are simple. Speak with an NPC, follow the objectives, done. Make sure when you are attempting a specific quest, that it is selected in your journal. You can only track one quest at a time, so you want to ensure you’re chasing the correct markers.

A Family Matter Quest Guide

A Family Matter is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.

A Family Matter Objectives

Look for Tucker Needham in Amber Heights

  • Amber Heights is the settlement that houses the Iconoclasts on Monarch. If Tucker Needham survived his travels, his mother thinks he’ll be there.

Convince Tucker to Return Home

  • Now that you’ve found Tucker Needham in Amber Heights, convince him to return home to his mother in Stellar Bay.

A Family Matter Walkthrough

You can begin this quest by talking to Agnes Needham in Stellar Bay, Monarch. Agnes is by the town’s south-east exit, visibly shaken and calling for help. Hear her out and offer to find her son to being the quest.

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Head South from Stellar Bay and follow the east road. It will take you to Amber Heights. Upon entering, you will meet Rose, and you can ask her about the Iconoclasts, the faction that leads the town. She will tell you that their town is a community, and there are no jobs, no corporation and no paychecks involved. You can ask about the leaders, Graham and Zora. You can also ask abut Tucker, and she will point you to a nearby structure. There’s a vending machine nearby and Bronson, the quartermaster, who will give you the task Odd Jobs.

Head up the hill and go into a residence on the left to meet Tucker Needham. Introduce yourself, and then you can mention your surprise that this grown man is the “little boy” that ran away. You’ll earn 7500xp

Explain to him that she made it sound as if he was a boy in danger, and he’ll say she has been overprotective all her life, and he is ready to live his life without her protection. You can persuade (55) or intimidate (55) to expedite things and get him to go back, or you can ask him what he wants to do about it. The last option will have him tell you to report that he is dead. You can express your concern about what that will do to Agnes, and then either ask for something that would prove a body, or reject the proposition.

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If you persuade him to go back, you’ll get 7500xp and can return to Stellar Bay to see things play out. You’ll find his mother is still condescending to him, and you can help him by saying he’s a grown man. You’ll get 7500xp. If you stick around and talk to them some more you’ll see Tucker is standing up for himself. You’ll receive 625 Bit Cartridge, Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation and 15000xp. If you tell Agnes he is dead and give him the proof you’ll gain the same amount of XP and Bits but won’t get the Reputation.

A Family Matter Rewards

  • Unlocks quest: None
  • Other Rewards: 15000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge, Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation Up

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