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The Outer Worlds Ash Quest Guide

Ash Quest Guide

Ash is a grizzled old veteran in the Amber Heights bar.

Ash Location
You can find him drinking at a bar in Amber Heights

Ash Related Quests
Little Memento

Little Memento Walkthrough

You obtain this quest by talking to Ash, who is drinking at a bar in Amber Heights, up the hill to the left of the entrance. He will ask you to find mementos of his old mercenary team. He will give you Hunter Outpost Keycard and directions to go to Hunter Outpost to get your started.

You can buy Ash a drink for 20 bits, which gives you a chance to hear a story about Monarch.

Abandoned Safehouse is south from Fallbrook, near Forlorn Crossroads. Upon arrival, you’ll be attacked by Marauder enemies, and a Scrap Mechanical.You can unlock the front door with the Hunter Outpost Keycard, and go inside. You’ll find an Electronic Log and note that Ash is not mentioned. Investigate the nearby terminal and you’ll get coordinates for the waterfall camp and 7500xp.

Backtrack your steps to make it across the river and head west toward the waterfall. You’ll find a group of dead Marauders, canids and SubLight Thugs and MSI Soldiers, as well as a Vortex Mace, Ordnance Control Armor and “Skeletal Remains”. Inspect the remains for 7500xp.

Return to Ash in Amber Heights, and tell Ash what happened. He will ask about the box and you can tell him that he was not in the agent list. He will reveal that he was the one supposed to pick them up that night, but he ditched them for another, more lucrative job. The item you’re picking up is just something to sell. You’ll get 7500xp for this step

The quest ends and you earn 15000xp and 875 Bit Cartridge.

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