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The Outer Worlds Back Bays Quest Guide

Bayside Terrace Warehouse is one of the Locations in The Outer Worlds. Bayside Terrace Warehouse is a smuggling location southeast of Stellar Bay in Monarch. Players will arrive here looking for contraband for the Iconoclasts.. Locations are defined by their individual and varied biomes spread around the Halcyon System.

Back Bays Quest Guide

Back Bays is one of the Locations in The Outer Worlds. Back Bays is a location within the Groundbreaker. Players will arrive here to conduct business for Junlei. Locations are defined by their individual and varied biomes spread around the Halcyon System.

Quests in Back Bays

  1. Happiness is a Warm Spaceship
  2. Who Goes There?

1. Happiness is a Warm Spaceship Walkthrough

You will unlock this quest by speaking with Junlei Tennyson at her office near the Groundbreaker Promenade. She will share that she has not fixed the heat issue because she needs parts, and the Board is attempting to extort her with outrageous prices and increased demands.

You can offer your services, and she will inform you that there are parts that can be used within the ship, but they are in the “Back Bays”, that have been overrun by undesirables.

You can take the lift in front of the engineering room to go down to the Back Bays. It is best to bring Felix with you if you have recruited him at the Groundbreaker docks. Approach Captain Macredd, and he will soon notice Felix in the party. This makes your options a lot easier, as you can Lie (40) to get the parts, but if Felix is there you can instead Bribe him for 625 bits. He will then let you get through without issue.

If you’re also doing the quest: Who Goes There? you can talk to him again and pass a persuade (40) check to finish the quest without violence. Killing him gives you a unique weapon: Montag.

Go past him and up the stairs to the left to pick up Radiator Parts, then head down and talk to Private Lettie Dixon and convince her to head back up. Talk to Junlei and you’ll get 6000xp and instructions on what to do next.

Lift Down

There’s a lift heading down within the engineering bay. Take it and you’ll face some Mantipillar enemies to defeat. A terminal nearby has some lore logs to read, and a ladder ahead takes you to the next level. You can loot some Bit Cartridge and Armor Parts, then go through the door and take a right. Up the stairs, you’ll face a faulty Mechanical Sentry and can pick up some Mag-Pick and ammo. Further Ahead there are some more malfunctioning robots to defeat, and a ladder down taking you to your objective. Kill the two robots by the terminal and then interact with it. You can read the logs to find out about the ship’s status and then Cycle the Pumps.

Go back and talk to Junlei and you’ll receive 18000xp, 3000 Bit Cartridge, Groundbreaker Reputation and the unique Armor: Welder’s Goggles.

2. Who Goes There? Walkthrough

This quest is obtained at Groundbreaker, by speaking to Comdt. Sanita or perusing the bounty board. Completing this quest can grant you access to security restricted areas, such as needed for The Empty Man, however you can kill a guard or loot Mardet ID Cartridge from a container near the docks where your ship is located instead.

You can find Captain MacRedd in the Back Bays area of the Groundbreaker. To get there head down the elevator in the promenade, and you can’t miss him. You can pass a Persuade (40) check to get him to put his gone down, otherwise you’ll have to kill him and all his guards. If you kill him he drops the Unique Weapon: Montag.

You’ll get 6000xp and MacRedd’s Lighter. If you persuaded him, use Perception to note it says “Sanita” on the lighter. MacRedd also makes note of a previous fling that he had with Comdt. Sanita.

Return to Cmdt. Sanita to get your reward. You’ll get 14000xp, Ollie Ollie Toxifree x2 and 1000x Bit Cartridge, as well as increased Groundbreaker Reputation.

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