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The Outer Worlds Balance Due Quest Guide

Balance Due Quest Guide

Balance Due is one of the Main Quests in The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.

Balance Due Objectives

Retrieve Udom’s Board Seal

  • Udom Bedford sold his official Board seal to Gladys in return for a large sum of money. Buy it back from her so that you can fly to Byzantium with official Board papers and turn in Phineas.

Balance Due Walkthrough

This Quest is obtained by telling Udom Bedford that you know the location of Phineas Welles, and offering to help return his Board Seal from Gladys. You’ll need to buy or steal the Official Seal of Halcyon from Gladys on the Groundbreaker. If you’re Lockpicking is high enough, you can steal it really quick and then just Intimidate or Lie to the guards and gain a slight amount of negative Reputation with Groundbreaker instead of spending 8000+ Bit Cartridges.

Return the Seal to Udom to complete this quest and receive 70,000 XP, The Board Reputation up, Byzantium Travel Authorization Papers, Byzantium Navkey and to begin the quest The Puppet Masters.

Balance Due Rewards

  • Unlocks quest: The Puppet Masters.
  • Other Rewards: 70000xp, The Board Reputation Up, Byzantium Navkey.

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