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The Outer Worlds By His Bootstraps Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds has two kinds of factions, primary and secondary.  Both factions offer multiple faction quests that The Outer Worlds players can complete for rewards and XP. Faction quests are just one of the many different quests and activities in the game.

By completing faction quests players can gain reputation with various factions. Some companions of yours are associated with certain factions and depending on who your companion is certain faction quests will have different outcomes. Companions will lobby the player to support their faction but you do have the ability to make see things from your perspective.

By His Bootstraps Quest Guide

You will have to land in Roseway and enter the town to get this quest. You will have to accept the Rescue the Labcoat quest to get started by finding and talking with Anton Crane and you will get to know that he left behind his protégé at the lab while the commotion was happening.

Then you will have to leave town and go to Roseway Gardens then fight with Raptidon and defeat it when it attacks you when you go to Auntie-Biotics Lab 0013. There will be vending machine along with a terminal there which you can hack and unlock the lift in the hallway and get the storage facility passcode as well.

There is another way without hacking that makes you go towards the left door from the entrance and get to the upper level or the third method is to use lockpicking to open the door on the right.

When you get to the second floor, you will find a lot of Raptidon and loot Elite Troop Armor from a Corporate Commander corpse that you have to defeat. To get to an office there will be an unlocked door nearby and inside the office there is a Gigantaur Energy drink that you have to pick up.

The terminal here will give you information about the Raptidon experiment. There will be a Standard Troop Helmet and a container that you can loot.

You can open the locked door in the large office where you fought the Raptidons using the Cleo Lab Office Keyboard or by lockpicking. After unlocking the door you can go to Jameson and have a chat with him. He asks your purpose of being here after he recognizes you.

You will tell him that you are here because of Anton, upon doing this he will tell you that Anton micromanages everything he does and has no regard from him and only cares about his precursors. There is an option to say that an employee’s death would have a negative impact on the image of Anton and then get the item from him in order to test this theory or you can just leave.

Telling him about the employee death will get you 8250xp and Jameson will run off and going back to Anton and talking to him in order to get Auntie Cleo Reputation will get you 1000 Bit Cartridge and 11,000 XP.

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